Chapter 33: Familiar Bully

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Yuzuru and the other winners were very busy with the press conference. They answered many questions. I was watching from afar where no one would be able to see me. Next thing I knew, the press asked a question about me.

“We were wondering if she is okay,” a reporter said to him. Yuzuru took a deep breath. I saw worry in his eyes. “My Assistant Coach is okay for the most part alright. Um…she had injuries to her head, elbow, hand, and knee. Brian Orser and I did advised her to rest in her hotel room but, she insisted on being here to watch Javier and I perform,” he told them.

Luckily, it was the only question that they asked. I looked at Brian who was with Tracy talking. “Is it alright if I walk a bit?” I asked them. “Sure. Just be back for the medal ceremony,” Brian told me. I gave him a nod and walked away from them.

I had many thoughts in my mind. {Will he be alright without me now? He doesn’t need me now that he achieved one of his biggest goal….Will he keep his promise? Will I be able to live long enough to see him at the next Olympics?}

I stopped walking and shook my head. “No. I don’t think that I will live to see that,” I said to myself. In a way, I was very content with life now. I pretty much saw what I needed to see. I did worry however about Yuzuru’s worries for me.

After an hour, the medal ceremony began. I made it back in time to see the winners. Patrick Chan, Yuzuru Hanyu, and Denis Ten walked on the stage to take their place.They stood behind the their designated step. 

The medals would be presented by Mr. Willi Kaltschmitt Lujan who was a member of the IOC Executive Board and from Guatemala. He was accompanied by Mrs. Tjasa Andree-Prosenc who was representing the ISU Council Committee.

Each of their names were called in order from Bronze medalist to Gold medalist. Yuzuru’s name was called and he jumped onto his stand. Soon, the National Anthem of Japan was being played. I felt tears in my eyes.

{I knew that you could do it.}

After the ceremony, Yuzuru presented the medal to Brian who was very proud of him. Then, Yuzuru had me wear the medal. It felt very heavy around my neck. Then, he gave me a hug. “Arigatou Aya. For everything,” he said with sincerity.

I pulled away and looked up at him. “You are very welcome,” I said with a smile. After a while, we returned to the hotel and got ready for bed. While Yuzuru was in the shower and washing his costume, I was  the bed drawing with my electronic sketch pad.

I drawn many pictures. This one however, I was drawing a costume for Yuzuru. It was for a Free Skate program that I had in mind. My plan was to start making the costume when I got back home and hope to finish it before Yuzuru start training for the next season. I was almost done drawing.

In fact, I was planning to make a costume for Yuzuru and Javier. I wanted to make a costume that would match their style and culture background. I had a good feeling that it will suit them well. It was my present for them.


“What are you drawing?”

Quickly, I turned off the sketchpad and looked up at him to see that he was in his pajamas. “It’s a secret,” I said and hid the sketchpad in the nightstand next to the bed. He got into the bed with me. “I thought we had no secret’s between us,” he said. {True…}

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