Chapter 37: Life In Nagoya

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Last week of March.........

I was in Nagoya with my grandfather, Kino Shuya. He was my biological father's father who was a figure skating coach. He was very happy to see me. Apparently, I was his only granddaughter. He had all boys and many grandsons. When he heard that he had a granddaughter, he became protective along with the rest of the family. I was the youngest of all my cousins.

Today, he was doing a free training\skating course for the little children in the city. My two older cousins, Saeki and Keisuke, were helping. I was a special guest and helping too. My two cousins never competed but, they learned to skate well enough.

I got new skates made by a close friend of my grandfather. They weren't as good as the ones Yuzuru gotten me but, they were good enough for now.

The children were very nice. I skated around and offered advice. One girl caught my eye. She looked around four years old. She stood at the edge of the rink by herself. I skated towards her. "Konichiwa," I greeted with a smile.

She gave me a small bow. "Do you need help?" I asked her. She didn't respond. {Maybe she is like me.} She reminded me of myself and Yuzuru helped me. I had an idea. I took her hand and skated her around the rink.

Slowly, the little girl formed a smile on her face. "There you go," I said with a smile on my face. I gave her much advice throughout the session. Soon, she was able to skate by herself. After a while, it was time to end the practice a session. Grandfather informed everyone that I would perform a piece.

I performed a piece that my biological father taught me while I was in a coma. It was a free program that he had planned to skate but, he had retired from skating so he never performed it. My father taught me. So, I was going to show it to everyone.

I ended up skating and jumping at a men's level. I performed quad jumps. I was able to jump my quad axle with no problem. When I was done, there was a big applause.

I sank down until I sat on the ice. I was extremely exhausted. My lungs felt like they were on fire. I felt a smile grow on my face. I was happy. Once I recovered enough, I stood up from the ice and skated to my grandfather. He pulled me into his arms. "Thank you," he said.

I pulled away and looked at him with tears in his eyes. I knew what he meant. "Your welcome," I said. I sat down at the bench and took a sip of my water. At the corner of my eyes, I was a man looking at me. {What is he doing here?}

I had seen him before. He was an official from the Japanese Skating Federation. Grandfather walked up to the official. "Hello. How are you?" Grandfather greeted. The official had a small smile on his face. "Doing very well. Is she your granddaughter?" The official asked.

"Yes. She used to be the assistant coach for Yuzuru Hanyu," Grandfather said. " wonder I recognized her. I can see why she was the assistant coach. We saw a clip of her doing a quad salcow before the Olympics," the official said. I took another sip of my water.

"She is no longer the assistant coach in Toronto as you already know. She is now trying to live a normal life away from the skating media considering that the news had damaged her reputation as a coach and a writer," Grandfather told him.

It was pretty much true. I had been trying to rebuild my life since everything. I was living off of my inheritance. I didn't have much of a career anymore. My family had suggested that I take some time off and focus on myself for a while until I was ready.

The official was deep in thought. {What is he thinking?}

The official took his phone out of his jacket. "Excuse me," the official said and walked off.

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