Chapter 2: School

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April.....Age 5......

Today, I was going be in a 2nd grade class. I was very nervous. Hitomi and Reiji were a bit worried but, the principal reassured us that there would be nothing to worried about. My teacher was informed of my arrival.

"I'll give you a signal to come inside," Mr. Sohma told me and walked into the classroom ahead of me. I could hear the laughter of children inside. "Good morning class," I heard Mr. Sohma said. "Good morning," the students said back.

"We have a new student today. She is very smart for her age and is two years younger than everyone here," he told them {He doesn't need to tell them my age.} A little commotion can be heard from where I stood.

"She should be in first grade then," one of the students said. "Quiet down. You may come in," I heard. I opened the door and shyly walked into the class. I didn't dare to look at the students. I walked up the the black board and wrote my name.

After I wrote my name, I faced the class.

"Kino Ayako desu."

I bowed to everyone in the classroom. The room was normal in size. In a way, it was a bit cozy. The walls were decorated with educational things. The tables were set in a group of four. The girls sat with girls. Boys sat with boys.

The students didn't looked too pleased about the situation. Mr. Sohma continued with the introduction. "She is way ahead of her class. If she does well in this class, she might skip a few more grades," he told them. The students still didn't look very happy. They were whispering to each other.

"You may sit next to Hanyu-kun," he told me and pointed at an empty seat next to a boy near the window. {He's in this class tool) Quietly, I made my way to my seat. I kept my head down so that I didn't see the faces. I could hear murmurs but, I couldn't make out the words.

Once I took my seat, I took a peak at Yuzuru next to me. He had a bowl haircut. {He must have gotten a haircut.} He looked at me for a second and turned his head back to his textbook. I couldn't read his face.



The classes went by smoothly without incident. Occasionally, I answered questions and read passages from the textbook. Still, I was very nervous because the students still didn't like me. I would occasionally feel my seat being kicked by the student behind me.

Sometimes, when a student was finished solving a math problem, the student would give me a death glare and say something under his breath that was offensive. I was used to the abuse. Still, it made me have dark thoughts.

It was lunch time now and decided to eat inside the classroom since it was raining outside. I would eat outside if it wasn't raining. Quietly, I got my lunchbox out and ate my lunch while I worked on my homework.

After five minutes, I started to hear students talking negative things about me.

"She has to be a teacher's pet. It makes sense how she is in our class." "She should be in first grade." "She shouldn't even be here." "She looks like an ogre." She is fat and ugly."

{Not now.} They reminded me of the kids in the orphanage. I had almost forgotten about them until now.

Tears started to fill my eyes. I lost my appetite. I packed the remainder of my lunch and my homework and wiped my tears without the students looking. At time like this, I really wanted to run out of the classroom and hide for the remainder of the day.

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