Chapter 19: Accept

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He looked very surprised at my answer.

“I’ll only burden you with my health and other things,” I told him. {And my departure.} I wouldn’t be able to see him ever again. He looked saddened by the rejection. I could feel tears forming in my eyes. “I’m sorry,” I said in a whisper and walked passed him without looking back. I couldn’t face him.

Tears slid down my face.



It had been a month since I was laid off. I moved to America to live with my other guardian of mine, Ben Yun. The decision came when I thought about my connection to the cricket club. I had to sever the ties. Tracy was disappointed but understood my decisions. 

Yuzuru had gotten third in the free skate and got silver at the Four Continents. He called and text me many times. He wanted to know why I left and why I wasn’t with Miyu. I didn’t answer his calls and I rarely texted him because I was told to cut ties with him. He was upset.

Since living away from the rink, I had time to do other things like book signings for three of my books that had been published recently. It was nice to see my readers and get a chat with them. Many wanted my picture.



“Can I get a picture with you?”

I was at a book signing in Toronto that was the last one for the time being. I gave the little girl a smile and stood from my seat. “Of course,” I said and got down next to her. Her mother took a picture of us together.

After the picture, I gave her a hug. “Keep reading,” I said to her. The little girl gave me a hug in return and walked away with her mother. The girl was the last one of the day. I took a deep breath and packed my things.


I looked at my phone to see that it was a a text from Brian. Occasionally, Brian would text me about training progress with Javier and Yuzuru. Recently, they hadn’t really been training well since I was not there. I knew that they would be at the World Figure Skating Championships right now. 

B: Yuzuru is in 9th place in the SP.

{How did that happen?}

Yuzuru would need a miracle to have a comeback. I looked at the program online to see the problems. His opening jump wasn’t good. He slammed into the edge wall when he fell on the first jump. He touched the ice with his hands on the third jump. 

B: I need you to give him the pep talk you give him.

A: I’ll try. I hadn’t talked with him since I left.

I started to call Yuzuru. I hoped that he would call. It was seven at night. Worlds was being held in London, Ontario, Canada. After a few rings, Yuzuru answered the phone.

Hello.” “Yuzu. It’s me,” I told him. I wasn’t sure how else to respond to him. He didn’t say anything. “Yuzu. I saw the program. What happened?” I asked him. He didn’t say anything else. “Yuzu. Listen to me. You can still make a comeback. Don’t quit now. You can still do this. I believe in you. Even if you don’t win a medal, at least you would have finished the season strong.”

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