Chapter 34: Truth

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It had been very difficult for me. Miyu was disappointed with me along with her fiancee. Honestly, they wanted me out of their home. Once I turned eighteen, I moved out of their home and into an apartment. 

As for my novel career reputation had dropped very low. Apparently, people heard about what had happened and stopped buying my books. The Canadian publishers withdrew their interest in me. So, I was faced with few major problems. Mainly, it was my immigration status. 

I really had no source of income and I wasn’t working in Canada. So, I moved back to Japan. I was not welcomed there of course. I moved into a small apartment that was affordable for the time being. I would walk out at night and stay indoors during the day. I stayed isolated from the world.

No Japanese publisher was interested in my books so, I had to think about what to do in terms of income. I couldn’t donate anymore money for the reconstruction and rebuilding efforts of Sendai. So, I had to stretch my money as long as possible.

Yuzuru sent me a text that he wanted to break up. Honestly, I didn’t mind. I didn’t want to be a burden to him. I thanked him for everything. My text was long and final. After the text, I blocked his number as well as everyone who I knew in the skating world. At that point, I vowed to never skate again.

So, I started to isolate myself more so that I didn’t have to deal with people. I would only walk out of my home when there were few people outside. My other guardian Ben from America did invite me to live with him. He would support me financially. I took up on his offer and moved to America.



I was on my way home from my journey in downtown. Normally, I never ventured out late at night. I just wanted to clear my mind and for once of everything. Plus, I needed fresh air as my health had been poor recently.

I decided to take the bus. There were not many people in the bus. As we got to an intersection, I turned my head to see a truck coming towards us. I ended up blacking out from the impact.

The next time I woke up, I smelled disinfectant and felt the most excruciating pain that made me wish that I died. “She is waking up.” I heard. “Put her under now,” I heard another person who I assumed was the surgeon say.

After a few seconds, I fell into darkness.


Unknown place…………

Everything was white. It looked endless. “Hello?” Nobody answered back. Next thing I knew, I appear in a home that looked familiar. “Aya.” I turned my head to see my parents. They looked…happier. I felt tears form in my eyes.

“Oka-san. Oji-san.” 

Mother pulled me into a hug. “Gomen Aya. We are so sorry for leaving you,” she apologized to me. I really didn’t know what to say to her. After a while, we pulled apart and we sat down on the couch. Father poured some tea.

“Where am I?” I asked father. He gave me a small smile. “A place where you can rest,” he told me. {A place to rest?} I had no idea what he was talking about. He finished pouring some tea in a cup and gave it to me. 

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