Chapter 21: Perfect Romeo and Juliet

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“Better get these packets filled out.”

Today was a busy day at the office. I had received the assignments for the skaters for the Grand Prix series. Yuzuru was assigned to Skate Canada International and Trophee Eric Bombard. Javier was assigned to NHK Trophy and Rostelecom Cup. So they were assigned to two different competitions. Yuzuru was starting his season at the Finlandia Trophy in early October.

I carried the packets of the skater’s assignments to my office. On the way there, I stopped by at the Hip Hop room. The cricket club provided dance classes so that the skaters could explore new ways of dancing and help them with their choreography.

I can see Yuzuru and Javier focusing. After a while, the dance instructor Matt saw me. “Hey Aya. Come in here,” he gestured me to come inside. I walked into the room shy as everyone stared at me. Yuzuru and Javier smile.

“I haven’t seen you around here lately. Hiding like last time,” he joked. “No. Just been busy,” I said with a giggle. “So those who didn’t know, in her early years, she would out dance me and the other skaters at the time. That was like…what eight years ago?” he said.

“Sounds right. I can’t do that now,” I said and tried to walk out of the room but, Matt pulled me back. “How about a little competition?” he suggested. {Are you serious?}

“We are going to do random play,” he said. “Great,” I said. I wasn’t looking forward for it. “Basically, you will need to dance the parts correctly,” he said to me. I gave him a nod and tried to stretch. “And, we are going to do a dance 2x fast or rollercoaster,” he told me.

I was starting to get nervous. I hadn’t dance for a while.  

Next thing I knew, the music went on and I started to dance. (AN: There is a Korean show called Weekly Idol and many singers dance Random Play basically random parts of their songs. It’s interesting. 2x dance and rollercoaster is on there too. It’s insane. This really tests their abilities as an idol.)

I was able to transition one song to the next easily. I focus on dancing and not the stares. Soon, the I did everything perfectly. “Good job,” he said and everyone clapped. I was dead exhausted and my heart was pounding. I sank to my knees to rest.

“That’s how good she is,” Matt told them. Looking at the mirror, Yuzuru and Javier was smiling and were amazed. I was trying to catch my breath. “She probably a slight better than James…” “Don’t bring James into this,” I told him.

James was another dance instructor. Currently, he was on break to spend time with his family in Montreal. The skaters started laughing. “Now, lets do a 2x dance,” he said and tried to get the music ready.

{I better get out of here before he starts.}

As quick as I could, with the last of my strength, I ran out the door. 


Few hours later……..

{Almost done.}

I was trying to get good accommodations when we go to the Grand Prix competitions. I had to plan the room situations at the hotels. Since I had been coming here at the cricket club, I had always managed to find great hotel accommodations for the skaters.

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