Chapter 35: Short Connection

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It was just how Dr. Kirihara said. I wasn't a weak person anymore. The doctors were really stumped about my health. Anyways, I would be able to live a normal life without having to worry about my health as much...well...I was still sensitive to the cold, get bruised easily, and would get fatigued from time to time. At least I could start thinking about the future much better.

Also, I had went through a huge ordeal. The truck driver was drunk when the accident occurred. I would not need to go to the trial. I would have to go through therapy again to deal with everything mentally. Of course, it wasn't the first time this had happened to me. I had to piece myself back together again from being broken.

The arrange marriage was correct. Yuzuru's parents broke it off. In a way, it was relief for me. I was able to find the document in a box of stuff that my adopted parents had left behind for me. My parents had to be alive in order for the arrangement to go forwards. I placed the contract back in the box.

I ended up living on my own in Nagoya for a short time. I needed time alone. I was a victim and needed space to process everything. I couldn't think about stepping foot in Sendai after everything. Next, I had a DNA test done and I was indeed the daughter of Kino Hatori and Eto Hana.

Living by myself helped me physically and mentally. I was able to lift my head more and not be worried or afraid of what people thought about me. Slowly, I was becoming more confident. I was not the same person months ago. I was learning to love and trust myself.

My background and identity was to be kept a secret from the public until further notice considering of my damaged reputation.

I experienced some muscle atrophy during my coma. My body looked slimmer since I didn't have my normal muscle mass. So, I had to work hard to get my muscles back to normal and had to learn to walk a bit again.

Doctors told me that I shouldn't really skate or exert myself until my strength was stable. In other words, I would never be able to jump quads or do a triple axel ever again. It took time to accept the fact and reality. I didn't plan to skate soon or anything.

I did physical therapy with Ben's help.



I had a breakthrough with finding my biological mother. She was living in America. Luckily, she didn't remarry. I gathered my courage and sent her an email. Honestly, I dreaded everyday about it. After a month of waiting, I got an email back.

She arranged for me to visit her.


San Jose, California

Being in a wheelchair had some advantages. I would get escorted inside and out of the airport. The taxi driver was kind enough to give me a discounted price after having to wait so long for a ride out of the airport.

Once in front of my mother's home, I took a deep breath. She lived in a mansion on a hill. {Mom does own a business.) As I rolled up to the door, the door opened to reveal a woman. Her eyes were a lot like mine.

She looked as if she wanted to cry. "Ayako?" she asked. I gave her a nod. Next thing she knew, she ran up to me and gave me a hug. She ended up crying on my shoulder. I couldn't help but to cry as well.

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