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Honey Honey Wedding | yuzuruhanyu by arcadiaadora
Honey Honey Wedding | yuzuruhanyuby Adora
In which Yuzuru Hanyu came home to Sendai after winning another gold at Olympics, only to find that his parents had arranged a wedding for him.
Moment of Truth by rinatthedisco
Moment of Truthby rinatthedisco
He was the reigning Olympic gold medalist. I was a girl from the islands of the Philippines. His English was broken but I was trilingual in Tagalog, English, and Japanes...
Give me love ( a yuzuru hanyu fanfic) UNDER MAJOR EDITING by tommo_hemmo96
Give me love ( a yuzuru hanyu fanf...by mar
In which two figure skating Olympians help each other through their hardships and eventually fall in love. A/N: This is my first fanfic, so please be easy on me. Ranked...
My Healer Yuzuru Hanyu x Reader by happy_bunny1018
My Healer Yuzuru Hanyu x Readerby bookworm5ever
You studied nursing for a long time, and the only nursing job available in Toronto was being a nurse at the famous Cricket Club. Due to your previous education and GPA...
Train Mates by theyuzuphoniumist
Train Matesby the-euphoniumist
One of my earlier series! A 10-chapter story with a bit of fluff and I'm supposed to write a side story series for this but OAAP's taking up all of my time so it'll take...
Precious;  (Yuzuru Hanyu) [pending]  by omegahoon
Precious; (Yuzuru Hanyu) [pending...by flo.
Working as a part timer in a cafe while attending college is getting sickening. But there is this one specific guy who came to the cafe everyday and always ordered the...
Hope and Legacy (Yuzuru Hanyu Fanfiction)  by shimizushiori
Hope and Legacy (Yuzuru Hanyu Fanf...by Shimizu Shiori 清水詩織
Shimizu Shiori, a 22 years old Hong Kong girl who went to Japan for a working holiday, received a weird request from one of her students. By taking up the request she st...
Yuzuru Hanyu is freaking adorable and I(Javier Fernández) am in love with him. by Pinkrainbowcorn
Yuzuru Hanyu is freaking adorable...by Pinkrainbowcorn
Sparks fly when Javier Fernández and Yuzuru Hanyu first meet. For Javier it is love at first sight. Yuzuru seems to need more time to come to terms with his feelings. W...
Love Him...Not by applejam19
Love Him...Notby LeeJiHye19
Shine unconsciously introduce figure skating to her baby brother -Min, when she is watching Sochi, Winter Olympics 2014. Min immediately becomes interested in the sport...
Because you loved me first || Cha Jun-Hwan x OC by roses_by_the_sea
Because you loved me first || Cha...by Coco
"It's because you loved me first. That's why I love you..." Started at the end of March 2020
Dramaturgy (Yuzuru Hanyu x OC Fanfiction)  by shimizushiori
Dramaturgy (Yuzuru Hanyu x OC Fanf...by Shimizu Shiori 清水詩織
A story inspired by the song "Dramaturgy"(ドラマツルギー), composed by Eve and sang by Hatsune Miku. - She is the "mysterious girl". Seemingly detached fro...
Hearts in Ice: a Yuzuru Hanyu Fanfiction by Lyanna_Sofia_II
Hearts in Ice: a Yuzuru Hanyu Fanf...by Yanna
Chiyo Sakura, the eldest daughter of the Chiyo household, one of the most well known and richest families in the country is set to marry none other than the figure skati...
✍🏻 Little Matchmaker by Emmy_Lovelace
✍🏻 Little Matchmakerby Emmy
A story about two people whose lives are quite out of the ordinary and both have significant trusting issues. And a kid who is determined to make it work between them no...
ice monarchs ; y.h by _yaannaay
ice monarchs ; y.hby yan <3
"welcome to the ice, Mei Miyazaki." yuzuru hanyu x oc (slowburn)
| Copycat | by guccirice_
| Copycat |by trinity
She can skate, she can copy. She learned her skating through a phone screen at age 13, but she's at the top of the world. _______________ Photo Wang was born in the i...
Broken Ice [Yuzuru Hanyu] by Beyond_The_Ice
Broken Ice [Yuzuru Hanyu]by Beyond_The_Ice
She just desperately needed a clean skate. She needed it or else the suffering she had to endure for the last six months would have been for nothing. She couldn't have p...
Chasing our dreams- a Nagi Seishiro ff by bakashiseijuro
Chasing our dreams- a Nagi Seishir...by akashi seijuro
Figure skater reader X Nagi Seishiro what happens when a Olympic champion, Aiko Sakura, takes interest in the blue lock project and nagi seishiro? MANGA SPOILERS!!! sto...
POETRY ON ICE (A Yuzuru Hanyu Fanfiction) by gooddayEM
POETRY ON ICE (A Yuzuru Hanyu Fanf...by Em Mariano
When the Ice Prince Yuzuru Hanyu, the greatest figure skater of his generation, finally fell in love. A collection of one-shots. Warning: Irregular update
To Dream or Not to Dream by o0merlin0o
To Dream or Not to Dreamby o0merlin0o
Isabella thought she was content with her mediocre life, living how she was expected to live. An uploaded video of her figure skating turns her mundane life into a ch...
Moon~Dancing  (A Stray kidz reverse harem fanfiction) by maryamabubkar
Moon~Dancing (A Stray kidz revers...by maryamabubkar
** A spin off to Ille-girl ** Turns out, not only super heroes have double lives and alter egos. Known as "Leah" by everyone around her, and as "Moon-da...