Chapter 17: Feelings

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Yuzuru’s POV……..

When I walked into the Cricket Club for the first time, I didn’t see her until she translated Brian’s words to me. I didn’t see her due to her size. She was a bit shorter than Brian. She was probably five feet two inches.

Knowing that she was going to be at the Cricket Club made me happy.

First day…………

I was training today. Hopefully, I was going to see Javier and Ayako there. Once I walked through the doors to the rink, I saw many skaters who were already on the ice. One person on the ice stood out from everyone.


She was on the ice. She had her hair in a ponytail and wore black gloves and thick long sleeve shirt. Her skating wasn’t too bad. She really reminded me of Ayako from my childhood. I had been thinking about her alot lately. Ayako saw me and skated towards me with a smile on her face. “Konichiwa,” she greeted me. 

I gave a smile in return. “Konichiwa,” I said to her. She pointed to the door at the end of the hallway. “You can change and warm up in there,” she told me. “Hai,” I answered and walked to the door. Next thing I knew, she saw that my hair was wet from the rain. She dried it for me.

Once she left the locker room, Javier Fernandez walked through the doors. “Hi,” Javier greeted me. “Hello,” I said. We shook hands. I started to stretch my muscles. We didn’t speak much. He was busy drinking his coffee and changing his clothes.

After stretching, I walked out to the rink to see Ayako who was doing a step sequence. She was very elegant on the ice. I was surprise that she wasn’t competing. Of course, I remembered that her health was fragile.

I walked up to the ice and bowed to it. “Onegaishimasu.” I took a skate guard off and stepped onto the ice. I took the other guard off and touched the ice. The ice didn’t feel too bad. I skated towards Ayako. “You can put those there,” she directed me to the other skate guards.

I gave her a nod and put my skate guards next to a set of skate guards that I believed was hers. “Skate around to warm up and get used to the ice,” she told me. “Hai.” I skated away to practice. Occasionally, I would look at her to see what she was doing. 

After a while, Javier came out of the room with his ski jacket and his cup of coffee. Ayako didn’t look too pleased. I skated around the rink and started to do jumps. Next thing I knew, Javier was on the ice with me doing jumps too.

Ayako was nearby to watch.

First day of skating at Toronto was interesting.


Over the months, I gotten to know Ayako a bit better. My mother invited her over for dinner many times and sleepover once. She thought that Ayako could have some nice home cook Japanese meal. I noticed that she didnt always finish her meals or try to finish them.

It made me wonder why at times but, I didn’t say anything. 

Finlandia Trophy was the first competition that Ayako attended with us. It was nice for her to come because it helped me focus on my performances. I would get nervous in front of the judges so I would focus on her. 

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