Chapter 20: Plans for New Season

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Yuzuru and I had been to two dates so far. Of course, we had to be discreet. I had to plan a few times who we were going to meet in public. We went to the zoo, movie, and a walk around the city. Nobody caught us especially the media. I had slept a few times at his place. His mother was very happy for us too. In terms of status, we weren’t girlfriend or boyfriend yet.  

Today, I was at the rink getting ready for Yuzuru’s first day of training. I wanted to give him something since he had given me many things. It was something that was very precious to me.


I looked at the door to see Yuzuru who had a smile on his face. “Ohayo,” I said and gave him a hug. He hugged me in return. “Ohayo,” he said. I pulled away and reached for something in my pocket. “I have something to give you,” I told him and pulled out a black beaded bracelet.

There were gold characters on them. Yuzuru looked at it. Hesitantly, he took the bracelet and wore it. “It’s nice,” he told me. I gave him a smile. “It was my good luck charm,” I told him.

I had the bracelet fully restored and blessed when I was at Yuzuru’s place without him knowing. It was a bracelet that I wanted to give him when we were younger.

Yuzuru looked shocked and took the bracelet off. “I can’t wear this! It’s your bracelet,” he told me. I took the bracelet and put it on his wrist. “I want you to have it. You gave me a bracelet at the evacuation center. Now, I want to give you one,” I told him.

Yuzuru wasn’t sure. I held his hand. “Please. Take it,” I told him. He gave me a nod and looked at the bracelet again. I let go his hand and got my coat. “Have you thought about the free program?” I asked him.

He gave me a nod. He had been looking for an Olympic music for the free program for a while. “I want to skate Romeo and Juliet,” he told me. Romeo and Juliet was a classic in the figure skating world. 

Who is choreographing it?” I asked him. “David Wilson. I sent him a letter why I wanted him to do it as if my life depended on it. Also, it’s because of you,” he told me. “Me!” It was a surprise from him. “Nande [Why]?”

He gave me a small smile. “I want you to see me perform well at the Olympics next year. In case if it’s the only Olympic you seem perform,” he told me. He must had thought about my possible death. If I go to the Olympics with him, I would be seventeen. I might live to see the 2018 Olympics.


I knew David Wilson since I was a little girl. I was surprised that he would choreograph the music for Yuzuru since he had done it so many times for this particular music. 

Yuzuru placed his hand on my head. “I know that you are going to live long enough to see me in 2018 Olympics but…just in case,” he told me. I gave him a nod. We walked out of my office to the rink. Luckily, the media wasn’t here today.

Once at the rink, Yuzuru warmed up and skated onto the ice. David walked up to me and gave me a hug. “Hi. How are you?” he asked me. “I’m good,” I told him. David started to show him the choreography.

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