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November 10

20 days before the second event day 2

"can you tour me around Y/N since im new here" Tzuyu said

"its been like 1 and a half weeks and you still dont know where the places around the school" you said to her as she smiled

"okay okay fine ill tour you" you said as she raised both of her hands in excitement

"ill text dubu first" you said as she nods

dubu dubu

y/n: ill be touring tzuyu in school

dubu: okay if you dare cheat on me your dead

y/n: why would i cheat on my beautiful dubu

dubu: hihihi i know you would not

dubu: take care and lets hang out after class

y/n: of course my dubu

y/n: babye see you later

you then put your phone back in your pocket and looked at Tzuyu

"lets get going then" you said as she smiled and nods

the tour with Tzuyu was not that awkward at all because she always asks questions and sometimes tells random stuff but mostly dogs

"so you like dogs so much?" you said as she smiled and nods like an excited kid

"i want to have one but i cant afford buying one" she said in a sad tone

"then how about ill buy you one" you said as she looked at you

"jinjja? you will buy a dog? but its expensive" she said

"my sister always send me money so its okay" you replied

"then lets go y/n" she said smiling at you and you nod


you and Tzuyu finally arrived at the pet shop as you looked at Tzuyu who seem so happy and excited looking at the dogs

"pick whatever you want Tzuy-" you said

"can i have them all" Tzuyu cut you

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