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you then signal her to go inside your house

"if you are going to ask why im here already cause i couldnt sleep last night"

"why though?" you asked

"im excited to see you and hang out later" she said smiling at you

damn this girl

"then i should take a bath first, you can open the tv if you want" you pointed the tv and she nods then jump in the couch

you chuckled and go in your room and take a bath


you are done doing your morning routine and goes downstairs and saw Dahyun sleeping in the couch

you are done doing your morning routine and goes downstairs and saw Dahyun sleeping in the couch

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(dont mind what she's holding)

you tiptoe making sure that you dont wake up sleeping beauty in the couch

still beautiful and cute even you are sleeping

you stared at her for a while till you notice Dahyun's eyes slowly opening, you quickly stand up and fix your uniform

"good morning beautiful" you said

Dahyun stretch and scratches her eyes "y/n, sorry i sleep while waiting for you"

"dont be, its good that you sleep"

"we still have an 2 hours before school starts" Dahyun said as she stands up and fixes her uniform

"lets eat outside because i dont have any food here mianhae" you said scratching your back neck

"its okay, its more even fun when eating outside " Dahyun  said smiling

"thats good to hear, well then lets go" you said as she nods

and both of you get your backpack and leave the house

timeskip ; heading to a store

"oh by the way dubu" you said as you look at her

she looked at you and hummed

"do you know what club you will be taking in?" you said

Dahyun slowly shook her head "No, i dont know where club should i be going since its my first time in the school"

"then ill help you get a club that suits you"

"so what do you do though?"

"do you dance or sing or drawing?"  you added

"i like to dance and sing especially rapping"

you make an 'o' mouth expression

"jinjja?, never know a girl can rap" you said

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