stay in my lane

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twice dorm was so huge by the way

and the rooms

they have 3 rooms but one room has the biggest space

and Nayeon, Sana, Jihyo and Mina were sharing it

as for Jeongyeon and Momo, they share the second room

alright JeongMo

and for my dubu

Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu or the maknae line share their room

their decorations are not that girly in the living room but gosh when you go inside their room



"YAH I TOLD YOU Y/N DONT BE LATE RIGHT" Jihyo said while she has headlock you

"AUghhH MiAnHae Jihyo" you said struggling

"GuYys HellLp" you said to your members

"hihihi i like watching y/n get beaten by a girl" Jeongin said

"wonder if Dahyun also do that to y/n" Jeongin added

"YaHh DOnt JuStT STare" you said again to your members as they laugh

"dUbu HeLPp" you said to her

"what's happening?" Dahyun asked

about Dahyun, her eyes and ears were covered by her members so she cant hear and see y/n and Jihyo

then Jihyo broke the headlock

"if you and Dahyun late again, ill headlock you again or maybe not just headlock" she said

"okay okay got it god jihyo" you said to her as she signaled her members to take off their hands to Dahyun's eyes and ears

"since Y/N and Dahyun are here now" Jihyo said

"how about lets plan our song for the last event since it will be on December"

"and also we can also help Stray Kids on their song too" Jihyo added

"sound good to me" Changbin said

"also for us" Bang chan said and pointing at every member of Stray Kids

"so what's your song by the way?" you asked Jihyo

"our song is The Best Thing I Ever Did" she replied

"it can simply symbolize the best thing you did in this year"

"like you met Dahyun"

"you met Stray Kids, TWICE and the other group"

"the beat was already done with the help of your leader" she said while pointing at Bang Chan

"you didnt tell us you helped them" Lee Know said

"yeah, we should be here there too" Seungmin said

"hihihi i can do it by myself since the beat was ballad and my day wasnt boring at all since Jeongyeon was there helping me but sometimes we just talk about silly stuff" Bang chan said as he looked at Jeongyeon smiling then Jeongyeon looked away blushing but no one realized it

"and as for our lyrics, it halfway finished thanks to Dahyun" Jihyo said while looking at Dahyun

"yea, Dahyun mostly write the lyrics" Chaeyoung said

"feels like its her message to you too" Chaeyoung whispered at you then you looked at Dahyun and pinch her cheek

"since the last event for the female group will be this December" Bang chan said

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