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march 24

graduation day

everyone is now celebrating with their family in the gym


you and Stray Kids are with Twice talking

then JYP goes in the stage

"time is so fast though" he said

"we are now here"

"graduation day" he added

"soon you will all having a job" he continues

"but before we end this day"

"you guys and gals will be having one last dance with your classmate, lover or what so ever"

"on tomorrow's prom night" he said

"so suit up and dress up because it will be having the prom king and queen of the night" he added

"and lastly"

"since TXT decided to join BigHit Entertainment and Red Velvet join SM Entertainment"

"Day6 and GOT7, welcome to JYP Entertainment" he said making the students cheer and clap including you and the others

"awesome GOT7 and Day6 are now idols too" Jeongin said

"i'll talk to you about when will you start tomorrow" he said

"that's all congratulations everyone and see you all tomorrow in the prom night" he said then he leaves the stage

and the students continue to talk to each others while some were cheering


"i heard that Heechul will be there" Jisung said to Jeongin

"oh no no no if you think i will let go my partner" Jeongin said as he shook his head

"nope, no one can take my partner" he added

"oh so you already ask Momoring?" you asked

(i forget if Jeongin already asked Momo to be his partner in the prom in my previous chapters so if he already asked Momo you can already skip this part)



"then ask Momo" you said

"ask what?" Momo suddenly appeared

"ask you to be his partner to the prom" you answered

Jeongin then punch you in the shoulder lightly

"jinjja?" Momo said

"w-well y-yeah..." Jeongin stuttered

Momo giggles

"dont need to be shy Jeongin, of course i want to be your partner in the prom" she said

"and since i dont have partner in the prom too" she added

"re-really?" he asked Momo again giggles and nod

Jeongin slowly looked at you



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