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me and the members were just talking to each other, some were just swiping in their phones since JYP University only have 2 girl group, we are already the representative for the third event

"the last event will be on Dec 21...." Jihyo said

"and Jan 14 for the male group..." she said

wait thats after y/n' birthday

we should pretend that we dont know his birthday though and surprise him

"so lets not waste our time doing nothing"

"lets think of our song already so we can just rehearse it"

"any suggestions for our song?" she said looking each of every member

"how about meeting your loved one" i said

"how you met him, as you and him become friends till one day you and him become a couple, the happy memories you have with him and the struggles that you two experience"

"used to be lonely and empty..." i continue

"but this December is no longer lonely because you have him"

"like he was the best thing you ever have" i said to them

"oh dahyunie, its like your love story with y/n" Nayeon said

"i do feel the same as Nayeon unnie" Chaeyoung said as i blushed

"uwu our dubu is blushing" Nayeon teasing me as i pouted and everyone laughs

"well thats great though dahyun" Jihyo said to me

"as for the title of the song" Dahyun said
"the best thing i ever did" Dahyun said to them

"alright then its set" Jihyo said

"since we dont need to dance for this song"

"we will just have to focus on singing it" she said to us

"so we can already start making the lyrics for our song" Jihyo said as everyone nod and gathered together in making the lyrics

"and also...." she said as everyone turn their attention to you

"Jan 14 will be the third event of male group"

"and Jan 13 is y/n's birthday" she said as everyone were shock

"omo, then lets surprise him or something"

"we can pretend that we dont know his birthday then surprise him at night" she said

"thats a great plan though" Nayeon said

"so should we tell y/n's members too?" Nayeon said as you nod

"im excited already though" Momo said

"by the way, how about the gift" Jeongyeon said

"should the gift be Dahyunie herself?" Momo said as she pointed at you

"good point there Momo" Sana said

"then lets hide her in the huge gift box" she said

"ani ani ani" you said

"why not thats a great gift though" Jihyo said

"well....then okay" you said

i should buy something that y/n can wear even im not with him

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