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for a long time, me and the gang met the new member of TWICE which is Mina

i have to admit, she is really pretty and when she shows us her skill in singing, gosh her soft and angelic voice, it feels like a lullaby

she's quite shy at first but hell she was a great gamer, she always carry us in PUBG, she always teases me and Lee know because me and him always got killed but mostly Lee know he always kills for like 5-8 minutes in the game


me and the others were just finalizing the beat of District 9

"and thats that!" Bang chan said as he pressed the off button

"thats one hella beat there" Jeongin said as Bang chan looked at him and winks

"so next club meeting, lets do the lyrics and lastly choreo" Bang chan as he looks at each everyone then the members including me nods

and suddenly the door opens as me and the members quickly look and it was Momo and TWICE

"SLEEPOVER TIME!" she shouted but still cute though

"jeez momo unnie you dont have to shout..." Jeongin said

"i heard that y/n will treat us again" Momo said as she looks at me


"its your house so it will be your treat" you said to her as she pouts

"hihihi your turn" you said to her

"so lets get going then" Jihyo said as me and everyone nods

someone suddenly holds your hand which makes you flinched a little bit

you looked at it




your cutie dubu

Kim Dahyun smiling at me

"miss me dubu" you said as she hugs you and nod

then you patted her head as she broke the hug and hold your hands again

everyone then goes out of the school and head to Momo house


you and everyone finally arrived at Momo's house as some go to the couch and some were seated in the floor

"what should we do then?" Bang chan said as he looks at everyone

"i order a box of pizzas now" Momo said

"it will be here soon..." she said

"soooo since the pizzas will be soon" Jeongin said

"lets play first" he said as it makes everyone's attention

"what should we play then?" you said to him

"lets play truth or dare!" Jeongin said as he stands up and quickly seated in the floor as he signaled everyone to seat in a circle form

                  Jisung   mina
  chaeyoung                 sana
felix                                   momo
y/n                                         dahyun
jeongin                                  bangchan
jihyo                                     hyunjin
  jeonyeon                        changbin
     lee know                nayeon

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