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Jan 12

one day before your birthday


two days before the last event elimination of male group


it's been how weeks since school started

and it was really fun though

i miss school to be honest

i still maintain my grades

Jisung still doesn't return as well

our song titled I AM YOU is finally done too

author nim didnt make the chapter for the making of I AM YOU because author nim sucks

eh? - author nim

my birthday is coming does anyone know?

me and the members are done practicing for how many times now for today

"hey guys wanna eat tomorrow, my treat?" you said to them

"mianhae hyung, me, Woojin, Seungmin and Lee Know are going out tomorrow" Jeongin said

"same for me, Changbin and Jisung" Bang chan said

"im going to visit my parents" Felix said

"oh okay, take care tomorrow everyone" you said smiling

but its a fake smile

guess im going to celebrate my birthday alone



i have dubu

you then take a seat in the couch besides Woojin and quickly get your phone and texted Dahyun

dubu dubu

y/n: you have time tomorrow?

y/n: wanna eat?

y/n: my treat 😁

after 2 minutes of waiting

your phone suddenly rang

and you quickly take a look

dubu: sorry y/n but me and Twice will be planning for the last event

dubu: mianhae~

y/n: its alright, Twice and your performance for the last event is important 😁

you slowly put your phone in your pocket

you take a deep sigh

not trying to make a sad face because your members will see

"yes oppa"


"i-i mean, yes oppa, you seem like older than me"

"im 21 though" you said

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