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you were awake by the sound of your alarm in your phone as you turn it off and try to sit up but you feel heavy on your chest

and you notice the decoration of the room

"let's sleep more y/n" a soft voice said as you look at it




you 'acting' jagi

but soon to be girlfriend

Kim Dahyun

and you realize that you are also in her room

"dubu me and the gang will have to prepare for the second event" you said to her as she just continues hugging you

"come on dubu" you said as you try to get off from bed but she tightens the hug

"please dubu~" you said in a cute voice

"no" she said

"dahyunieee the members need me"

"do you want your jagi and his group lost?~" you said in a cute voice as she shook her head

"then we can continue hugging again later" you said as she looks at you

"really?" she said to me smiling as you nod

then she quickly stops hugging you and sits up

"then what are we waiting for" she said to you as you sit up and pinch her cheek

"never get tired of hugging me dubu?" you said to her as she pouts

"okay okay dubu, go take a bath now"

"ill be taking a bath in my house but ill be here quickly"

"join with you" she said


"an-ani a-ani dubu" you stuttered

"im just joking y/n HAHAHAHA" she said to you as she continues laughing

"aishhh dubu" you said as she entered the bathroom and take a bath

as you go to your house and do your morning routine


after you finish doing your morning routine, you go to Dahyun's house

once you entered the house, you see Dahyun sleeping peacefully in the couch again

you tiptoe making sure you dont awake her

you stare at her for a minute

embracing the beauty of Dahyun

'still beautiful and cute even you are sleeping'

you remember the day where she is also sleeping in the couch back then as you smiled and slowly brush her hair with your hands

till she suddenly opens her eyes

till she suddenly opens her eyes

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