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weeks passed

me and Stray Kids are now done practicing for the final event

with our song Miroh

as for Twice

we help them on the beat

but mostly Changbin, Bang chan and Jisung


im been thinking

tomorrow is valentines day

what should i give to my dubu

i should make it very special

not like ordinary hang outs

maybe date

its time to put to the show

i bet the other members has a date as well with some members of Twice

you then get your phone and text Dahyun

dubu dubu

y/n: how's my precious dubu dubu

dahyun: resting

dahyun: just finish practice

dahyun: how about my y/n?

y/n: resting as well

y/n: typing

should i stop being Dahyun's acting boyfriend and confess now?

i mean its valentines day


should i stick to the plan

y/n: typing

dahyun: can i sleep in your house later?

y/n: of course

dahyun: and also....

dahyun: i have a super great news~~

dahyun: i cant wait to tell you later

y/n: thats interesting though hihihi

y/n: i gonna go now, me and the members gonna practice

y/n: see ya later dubu

dahyun: okii see ya later babye~~

i think its time to confess

no turning back now

lets di it y/n!

"guys im going to buy something for dubu" you said standing up

"sure since we been practicing for an hours, you guys can do whatever you want now" Bang chan said to everyone

you quickly go out of the room and head to a flower shop

Kyungsoo POV

tomorrow's valentines day

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