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Dec 1

you were awake by the sound of your alarm as you quickly turn it off

jesus what a day to remember

we just become the representative of JYP University

and i cannot wait already

but first

as you try to sit up

you feel a heaviness in your chest

you looked around and it wasnt your room

and you see

Dahyun sleeping and hugging you

"Dahyunie good morning" you said in a soft voice as she opened her eyes and smiled at you

"good morning y/n" she said as she broke the hug and sit up same as you

"excited for our date?" she asked

"im excited for your treat hihihi" you replied as she pouts and you pinch her cheek

"got take a bath now dubu dubu" you said as she nods and quickly goes to the shower and you quickly leave in her house and go to your house then take a bath


after you finish taking a bath, you wear your plain white supreme, ripped jeans and your adidas and you quickly check yourself in the mirror as you fix your hair

and you quickly leave your house and go to Dahyun's house

once you entered the house you see her in the couch using her phone

you tiptoe making sure you dont disturb her and you slowly take your phone

then you open the camera app and take a picture of her

and then you looked at the picture and you were shock

"omo, dahyunie didnt know you are looking hihihi" you said to her

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"omo, dahyunie didnt know you are looking hihihi" you said to her

"am i pretty there?" she asked as she stands up and looked at your phone

"dont need to look though" you replied

"you are always pretty" you said pinching her cheek as she blushes

"lets go then my dubu?" you said as she smiles and nods


you and Dahyun arrived at the mall as you looked at Dahyun who seem so excited based on her eyes and smile

"lets watch a movie?" you said

"how about horror m-"

"ehh i dont like horror~" she cut you in a whining voice but cute

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