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i thought that touring with her around the school will be awkward silence but turns out good, we share some funny jokes but mostly Dahyun, we also share personal info but i dont tell her about s-

"hey y/n"

i looked at her and hummed

"wanna grab some ice cream after class?"

"sure then its my trea-"

"no, itll be my treat" she cutted me

"for touring me here in school" she continues

i smiled and give her a thumbs up

and after that we head to class


"before i dismiss you all, make sure to join a club that you like, the club is required so you need to join, that's all you may now dismiss" the teacher said as he exited the class

"wanna grab some ice cream after class?"

"no, itll be my treat, for touring me here in school"

"so" i said turning my attention to Dahyun

"ice cream?"

Dahyun smiled and nod like an excited kid.

timeskip author nim is sucked at making the story long

"thank you again for touring me y/n, really appreciate it" Dahyun said while we both walking heading to the ice cream store

"its nothing, glad to help" i said smiling at her

then Dahyun suddenly looked down

"hey, is there something wrong Dahyun?" you said to her

"a-ah no n-othing" Dahyun quickly respond to my answer

"its just im really glad that i met you thats it"

"im glad that i met you too Dahyunie" you said

you two finally arrived at the ice cream store

"pick anything y/n, dont forget its mine treat" Dahyun said

"yea yea"

after long minutes of deciding what flavor, you picked (your favorite ice cream flavor)

"i better take you home now dubu, its getting darker and darker outside, its very dangerous" you said

"sure y/n, wait, dubu?" Dahyun looked at you with the confused look

"well, your pale skin looks like tofu that's that" you said to her

Dahyun make an 'o' mouth then,

Dahyun make an 'o' mouth then,

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