day1 pt2

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you then quickly run to your group as they were still fixing their suit and hairstyle

"yall ready?" you said as they looked at you nod

"THATS DAYS GONE BY OF DAY6 EVERYONE!" Heechul said as Day6 goes to the backstage and the MC entered in the stage.

Jae then quickly go and waved at you

"Thats one hella 80s or 90s vibes there" you said to Jae as he smiled

"hihihi thanks y/n, im excited to see you and them perform" Jae said

"good luck then fighting" and he quickly return to his member

"GOODLUCK STRAY KIDS! FIGHTING!" wonpil shouted before they go back to their seats

Day6 really does amazing even without choreo

plus the visuals of the group too


we will show them who we are hihihi

"HOW ABOUT STRAY KIDS!" Heechul said as the crowd started cheering


"okay guys...." Bang Chan said as everyone gathered in circle

"this is it"

"second event of the elimination"

"lets show them what Stray Kids can do"

"STRAT KIDS!" he said as he raised his left arm and everyone raised their left arm

"FIGHTING!" everybody said

"EVERYBODY LETS WELCOME STRAY KIDS WITH THEIR SONG DISTRICT 9!" Heechul said then he goes to the backstage and does hwaiting to us

as me and Stray Kids go to the centered stage

looking at each people in the gym

cheering and clapping

i see her

Kim Dahyun

smiling and clapping as she does hwaiting and a heart

makes my nervous slowly gone and smiled

makes my nervous slowly gone and smiled

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im glad that you are here

Kim Dahyun

you take a deep breath

and you and the members go to our position

then the song started


"how about be yourself?" Changbin said

Talk, talk, you're talking too much
What, what, you’re just talking nonsense
Please, enough with that nitpicking and cursing
I'll do it on my own however it comes out

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