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Irene POV

'and also im busy with dubu'

'dubu, Kim Dahyun'



i always see you

see you

with my y/n

the girl who always in the side of my y/n

the girl who always hang out with y/n in school and after school

'and i already have someone'

and i know its you



so this time its my turn

to make y/n turn his attention to me


its time to tell Dahyun that y/n's mine

me and y/n were taking pictures till y/n decided to go to the bathroom

"Irene, ill go to the bathroom dont do anything stupid" he said as he goes to the bathroom

this is not stupid alright

i go to the contact


yes Kim Dahyun on his phone

(if you dont know, y/n have already Dahyun number since the timeskip to august)

Kim "dubu" Dahyun

y/n: can you come here?

dahyun: why though

dahyun: you have a hangout with that Irene right?

y/n: she didnt come because of her members she said

y/n: come on dubu, lets hangout i miss you too

dahyun: hihi okay okay y/n
love to hang out especially if its you

y/n: yey! see you then

i quickly deleted the conversation and take selfies

y/n finally finished as i signaled him to sit beside me and he obeyed

then i quickly hug him like theres no tomorrow

"when will you really stop hugging me?" he said to me

"until you hug me back" i said as he quickly hugs me back

"there then were even now?" he said as i shook my head

"no not yet"

"eh" he tries to stop hugging

"if you stop hugging me, you will face the hard way" i said without looking at him as i continue hugging him

"where is that Dahyun"

"anytime now...."

"like im scared of your hard way" he said as he stops hugging me then i looked at him with a cute angry expression

i see the front door slowly opening as i see half of Dahyun body slowly entering the house

"hihihi nice try Irene, you can now get hmmp-" y/n stop talking as i kissed y/n

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