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me and Lisa are in the park after we eat in the restaurant

"by the way Lisa" Jungkook said as Lisa hummed

"me and BTS will be going to JYP University's prom" he said

"are you and Blackpink planning on coming?" he asked

"i was about to said that but yes me and Blackpink will going" Lisa said as Jungkook smiles

"well then will my beautiful jagi Lisa Manoban be my beautiful partner for the prom?" he asked

"you dont have to ask me Jungkook" Lisa said

"its already a yes to me" Lisa added then Jungkook smiles widely and hugged her

"that's great to hear" he said then he broke the hug

"how about a picture for our memories" he said

then he quickly gets his phone and opens the camera app



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(credits to the one who edited it - if you are reading this the one who edited the picture, you are awesome)

"only one jagi?" Lisa said

"we can take a picture more later hihihi" he said

"thennnn...." Lisa suddenly tap Jungkook in the chest lightly

"catch me if you can jagi" Lisa said as she quickly ran away from Jungkook

"oh no no no you didnt Lisa" he said

"you think you are fast" he added then he started chasing Lisa

"come back here you little" Jungkook said while chasing Lisa

"nope! HAHAHAH" Lisa said continue running away from Jungkook

after how many minutes of chasing

Lisa slowly running out of energy

as Jungkook finally get Lisa

as he hugged Lisa making him and her

fell in the grass

"i love you jagiya" Jungkook said

"i love you too jagiya" Lisa said then Jungkook peck her lips

"hey hey hey" a voice as Jungkook and Lisa looked at where the voice came from





"Kyungsoo, what are doing here" Jungkook asked then Lisa and Jungkook stands up

"oh nothing" he replied while he slowly approaches to the couple

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