day1 pt1

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none stop of dancing and singing, weeks after weeks, of course my time with Dahyun will always be there as we just hang out like we always did

and also Red Velvet and TWICE will be performing a special halloween dance entry for the school on October 31 since they are now the two representatives of JYP UNIVERSITY

as for TWICE, since Jihyo's friend was busy, me and the gang helped TWICE for their beat, we also helped them on the lyrics and some choreography

october 31 the day of the event

people gathering to the gymnasium

background music inside the gym

people chattering inside

MC Heechul, as handsome as always

beat done

lyrics done

choreography done

we are now ready for the second event

me and Stray Kids were seated in our respective  seats as well as the other male groups


STRAY KIDS             DAY6

GOT7                         TOMORROW X TOGETHER

i can feel nervous about my group as i looked at them

their hands were shaking

their faces like they are scared

we will be facing Day6

i looked at Day6

i can feel that they are so ready and pumped up

and Jae notice me so he waved at me and mouthed 'fighting' so i waved back and mouthed 'good luck, fighting'

"Hello everyone and welcome to the Second event day 1 here in JYP University," MC Heechul said as the crowd start cheering and clapping

"Im still your MC, your handsome MC Kim Hee Chul" he said as he does a heart finger sign making the girls squeal

"man, the crowd are crazy even the event havent started yet" he said

"well then, Day 1 of the second event and we have 4 handsome and sexy handsome male groups here"

"like Jackson Wang of GOT7" he said as the crowd started to squeal and cheering

"or TXT Choi Soobin" he said and again the crowd started squealing and cheering

"and also Jae of Day6 and Hwang Y/N of STRAY KIDS" he said and once again the crowd squealing and cheering more as you slowly cover your face in shyness

"okay okay then, for this second event, this 4 male groups will be facing for who will be the male group representative of JYP UNIVERSITY but only one male group will be the winner for the second event" he explains

"Stray Kids and Day6"

"you may now go to the backstage for your preparation"

"Day6 will be the first one to perform, followed by Stray Kids"

you look at where TWICE seated and you notice Dahyun was missing

as Stray Kids and Day6 goes to the backstage and start preparing

"and the announcement of who will be eliminated and who will be processed to day 2 second event will be after the other male groups"

"oh boy oh boy this is exciting" he said

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