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"you promise youll stay by my side?" Dahyun mumbled but you heard it
then you suddenly hugged Dahyun

"y-y/n?" she said to me as i can feel her tears in my shirt


"ill make it up for you this time"

"i know that i broke the promise that ill stay by your side

"ill stay by your side now"

"so please stop avoiding me" you said as she continues to cry

"aish this girl" you said as you stopped hugging Dahyun and hold her shoulders

"i told you i hate seeing you crying" you said as you wipe her tears

"that much better" you said to her as she quickly hugged you again

"miss me so much?" you said as she nods

"i miss you too dubu"

"because i broke my promise..."

she then looked at you while hugging

"ill do anything you want"

"starting today till hmmp-"

you stop talking




kissed by Dahyun

for like 5 seconds she broke the kiss

"wh-what is that about?!" you said to her

"you said youll do whatever i want"


"be my boyfriend" she added


"are you deaf or something?"

"i said be my boyfriend pabo" she said to you as you chuckled


"but im your boyfriend already" you said as she looked at you confused

"im your 'boy' friend for a long time now remember?" you said as she pouted and hit you softly in the chest then hugged you again

"hihihi thats very cute of you though" you said then she broke the hug

"y/n...." you two looked at where the voice came

and it was


"im sorry y/n"

"are you the one who texted Dahyun?" you said to her and she slowly nods

"im very sorry y/n"

"especially you Dahyun"

"i know it was stupid"

"i try to get y/n from you Dahyun"

"i was so stupid and childish to make that decision"

"i know you two cant forgive me for that" she looked down

"i-i hope you two forgive me"

"its okay Irene" you said as she looked at you

"i forgive you, just dont do that shit again hihihi"

"hope we can still hang out and be friends?" you added as she smiled at you


"i would love to be your friend y/n" as she hugged at you

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