d-day pt.2

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"and together we are stray kids" they all said and bow

"so Dahyun" Seungmin said as she looked at him and hummed

"wheres your friend Chaeyoung?"

"is she going to be here too?" he added

"ahh y-yes they should be here right now"

"wait they-" Lee Know was cut when the door open revealing 5 girls

everyone including you looked at them as they entered the room

"hello everyone Im Jihyo, Park Jihyo the leader of the group" she said smiling and waving at us

"Im Hirai Momo" she raised her hands waving

"and im from Japan, nice meeting you all" she added

"Well im Yoo Jeongyeon nice to yall hope we can all be friends" she said as she smiles

"Im Im Nayeon, nice to meet you all" she said as she showing her bunny teeth

"and im Son Chaeyoung" she said waving at everyone

"and we are TWICE"

"Oh, you two" chaeyoung said as you pointed at Lee Know and Seungmin

as Seungmin and Lee know scratch their back neck

"hihihi, what a coincidence" Lee know said

"i know right" Seungmin replied

"you know them Chaeyoung?" Jeongyeon said to her

"the other no but the two of them yes, i met them earlier when Jihyo asked me to find Dahyun" she explained to Jihyo

"well guess we have to introduce ourselves again boys" Bang Chan said to the others as they nod

once they all introduce themselves including you, they seated at the couch while some are seated at the floor except for you and Dahyun

"so lets not waste time" Bang Chan said as you two nod

"let me be the first one Dahyun" you said to her as she nods

"bring.it.on.Hwang.Y/N" she said to me as i chuckled and goes to the center of the room

i take a deep breath and looked at Dahyun, she gave that killing smile with a thumbs up as she mouthed 'fighting'

you chuckled and look at the judges which are Stray Kids and TWICE

well its now or never Y/N show them whose the old Hwang Y/N used to be

Bang Chan plays the music as you start dancing


the music ends as you take a deep breath and wipe the sweat that hitting your eyes

all of the judges even Dahyun were amazed by the dance you do

Jeongin stands up and claps like a kid "YAHOO THATS OUR Y/N RIGHT THERE!"

"that moves were amazing you can be a kpop idol y/n" Hyunjin said

"those moves really is amazing to be honest" Momo said

you smiled and bow from the continuous applause from every judge as you go to Dahyun

"thats really great y/n"

"but do you think i will give up that easily" she added as you laugh

"what a competitive girl we have here, well good luck dubu dubu, fighting!" you said to her as she goes to the center of the room

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