lets go

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"cute" you mumbled

you then quickly accepted her handshake

"Y-Y/N, Hwang Y/N n-nice to meet you" you stuttered

fxxk why the hell you stuttered y/!!?

she chuckled and start listening to the teacher

you then begin listening to the teacher as well

but you keep glaring at Dahyun

have to admit she's a beautiful angel that God sent (of course that's my dahyun -admin nim)


am i ready to love again?


"finally lunchtime" you said excitedly like a child

"uh y/n?"

you look from your right side and saw a beautiful angel i mean Dahyun

"yes?" you respond

"can you like givemeatouhereintheschool" she said so fast that you don't know what to respond so you gave him a 'what did you say' expression

"eh?, pardon?"

she takes a deep breath "i said can you give me a tour here in the school"

well i cant say no to a beautiful angel like you

"sure why not" you smiled at her, she suddenly looked down

"so" you stand up from your chair

"let's go" you smiled

Dahyun POV (before she asks you on a tour in school)

Well here goes nothing

you enter the classroom and now everyone stared at you except for one person which is sleeping


no respond


still no respond

the teacher repeat Y/N's name ten times but still no respond

"HWANG Y/N" the teacher yelled that makes me flinch a little bit

and now Y/N stands up and raise his hand "YAHHH! YES SIR!" the students start laughing including me

so he's Hwang Y/N

"SILENCE!" teacher said as the class stop laughing including me as well

the teacher clears his throat

"Y/N stay awake for a while, you can continue your sleep when she introduces herself to the class"

y/n fix his hair and uniform and sit down

he's cutie

"mianhae" y/n said

"Okay class, today is a special day because we are having another student, you can introduce yourself now" the teacher happily said while he looked at me

introduce yourself time dahyun

i take a deep breath

"Hello nice to meet you all I'm Kim Dahyun hoping we can all be friends till school ends" you said happily as she bows

"Alrighty, because Y/N" the teacher looked at y/n then y/n snap back to reality while looking at me as y/n noticed you stared at him, y/n suddenly looked around

"Alrighty, because Y/N" the teacher looked at y/n then y/n snap back to reality while looking at me as y/n noticed you stared at him, y/n suddenly looked around

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(like this)

you chuckled


"sleeping earlier, you can sit beside him" the teacher said you nodded and start walking towards your sit

you notice y/n continues to stare at you

omg y/n please stop staring at me im getting weaker and weaker the more you stare

"you know i will melt if you keep staring at me" I said smiling at him

wait did i just said that to him!

"eh?" y/n once again snap back to reality

"you're cutie" you said and you notice y/n blushed


you quickly sit down and offering a handshake "Kim Dahyun hope we can be friends"

"cute" y/n mumbled but you hear it



"okay that's all for today, and don't forget the club that you'd be joining for this year, have a great day y'all" teacher said and he exited the classroom

i dont know where to go now maybe asking him to tour me here in school is not a bad idea since he's the only one i talk today

i take a deep breath

"okay Dahyun asking him to give me a tour is just asking dont need to be afraid" you said to yourself

you stand up to your chair and see y/n like a kid that's excited for lunch, you chuckled

such a kiddo

"u-uh Y/N" you stuttered


"yes?" he responds

confidence dahyun

"can you like givemeatouhereintheschool" i said to him so fast


"eh?, pardon?" he said

confidence confidence

i take a deep breath "i said can you give me a tour here in the school"

"sure why not" he smiled at me


i looked down so he cant see me blushing

"so" y/n stand up from his chair and you looked at him

"let's go" he smiled again

this man can instantly kill me with only his smile

i smiled and nodded at him


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