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November 11

19 days till the second event day 2

"guys we have to do something asap" you said

"we only have 19 days to go" you added

"i dont think we dont have time to create music and choreo" Felix said

"like 19 days to go, can we still do it?" he added

"come on guys, we can do this" you said

"retreating is not an option" you added

"we have to finish this, even its hard for us"

"y/n right" a voice said coming from the door as you and the members looked




Sungjin and Day6 then suddenly TXT was also with Day6 as they go inside the room

then Taehyun fist bump at Jisung

"you guys can do it" Taehyun said

"win it for us" Wonpil said

"dont worry Stray Kids" Sungjin said

"me and Day6 will help you on the beat and lyrics"

"same for us, we will help you on the choreo, maybe on helping the beat and lyrics as well" Soobin said

"thank you so so much Day6 and TXT" Bang chan said

"hihihi just helping my friend over here" Taehyun said as he put his hand in my shoulders

"same since we are JYP U Family" Jae said

"so me, Jisung and Changbin will be on the making of the beat" Bang chan said

"oh me and Beomgyu will help you guys" Soobin said as Beomgyu thumbs up

"the more the merrier hihihi" Bang chan said as the five go on making the beat

"so y/n...." Taehyun said

"the sentence you said earlier"

"that was great though" he said

"then the lyrics should be like what you say"

"retreating is not an option" he said

"i agree to Taehyun hyung" Jeongin said

"like never give up, soar high" Jeongin added

"wow Jeongin" Hyunjin said

"never knew that you can say something like that"

"all i know that you always eat and play Mobile Legends" he said as Jeongin pouted and everyone laughs

"but seriously, that was great Jeongin" Taehyun said

"same here" Huening Kai said

"then thats settled" you said

"think of the so name already Jeongin?" you said to him

"how about victory song?"

"like its our song messaging that we are tough and we dont give up or retreat so easily"

"hihihi listen to this victory song" he said

"that was pretty awesome though" Lee know said

"come to think of it, Jeongin's plan was literally a life saver" Woojin said

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