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you and Stray Kids were watching TWICE performing TT

they are all so when they pose the TT and say the 'neomuhae neomuhae'

but my dubu is the cutest of course

you try to find where GD and BigBang were seated

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you try to find where GD and BigBang were seated

but you only saw two members

you realize that the one who bumps to is one member of Bigbang and the other one is you dont know but he is tall

he still doesnt cut his hair though

and you continue watching TWICE

Kwon Ji Yong or GD POV

you, Seungri and Taeyang were walking trying to find Taeyang's crush

"we have been walking for almost 30 mins"

"we just miss the performance of GOT7, TXT, Red Velvet and TWICE"

"where are we going exactly?" you said

"to find IU..." Seungri said

"I what?" you said continue walking with Taeyang and Seungri

"IU...Lee Ji Eun" Seungri replied

"the rising star solo female singer"

"they said that Ji Eun were enrolled here"

"and also Taeyang's crush" Seungri added as he smirks at Taeyang

"you know you dont have to say it that loud, she might hear you" Taeyang said as he headlock Seungri

"ani ani ani aahHhHhh hyung help" Seungri said trying to get off of the headlock as you chuckled and just continue walking



"THAT TT OF TWICE EVERYONE!" MC Heechul said as he goes to the center stage then TWICE goes back to the backstage

you saw Dahyun going back to her seat and she looked at you and you waved at her mouthed 'good job my dubu' with a heart pose

"lets now go for the announcement of who will be advancing in the final of Second event"

"JYP nim himself will be the one announcing the winners" he said goes to JYP and bows as JYP go to the center stage

this is it

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