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stray kids against the number one male group of JYP University GOT7

day 2 of the second event

lets get it

the crowd started to take their seat

while for us Stray Kids

we are now fixing our suit and our hair backstage and suddenly MC Heechul goes to the stage

"Hello guys, welcome to the second day of the second event" he said

"and im still your handsome MC for this event Kim Heechul" he said as he does a finger heart making the crowd squeal and cheering

"and of course lets not forget our two male group today"

"Stray Kids and GOT7"

"day 2 of this second event finally here"

"and Stray Kids and GOT7 will be facing each other for the representative of the JYP University"

"this is gonna be so lit" he continues

"now both male groups are now on the backstage preparing"

"so guys this is it" Bang chan said to us

"GOT7 might be hard for us but who cares"

"lets show GOT7 who we are"

"and win this"

"for Day6 and TXT" he added as he raised his left arm

"STRAY KIDS!" he said then everyone raised their left arm

"FIGHTING!" everyone said

"EVERYBODY LET US NOW SEE THE PERFORMANCE OF GOT7 WITH THEIR SONG LULLABY" Heechul said as the crowd started cheering and GOT7 goes to the stage while Heechul goes to the backstage

while you and Stray Kids were watching Got7 performing

"hey guys ill be heading to the restroom" you said

"sure just be quick okay?" Bang chan said as you nod

but you didnt go to the restroom

you just check if where is Twice

you are trying to find where Twice seated when

"looking for me?" a familiar voice said as you chuckled and turn around







Kim Dahyun

"you miss me already" she said as she hugged you

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"you miss me already" she said as she hugged you

"of course i miss you already" you said

"my day is not complete with seeing you"

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