sending my signal for you

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"this time"

"you are the blessings that God gave me"

"Kim Dahyun"

"and i will not lose it now"

as you and the gang finish singing, you noticed you were holding your tears to fall down from your eyes then the crowds started cheering and clapping

you quickly bow and wipe your tears after bowing so that you will not be noticed by everyone

the gang then bow too and you looked at Dahyun, smiling and mouthing 'great job' with thumbs up, you chuckled and give her also a thumbs up

then you and the members go down in the stage and sit down

"what an inspiring song Stray Kids sing for us" Heechul said as he goes in the center of the stage

"thats For You of Stray Kids everyone!" Heechul said as he clapped and the crowds started cheering and clapping again

"good job y/n, you were amazing out there" someone holds both of your shoulders and you quickly looked at your back





"you and day6 did a hell of a performance earlier too" you said to him

you looked at where Dahyun and the member seated and you saw no sign of Dahyun and the girls

time for TWICE though

"on to our last group performance..." Heechul said as you looked at him

"lets give it up to TWICE with their song SIGNAL!!" Heechul said as he goes to the backstage and the girls go in the center of the stage as the crowds started cheering and clapping

then TWICE started to sing SIGNAL

Dahyun POV

my body is slowly getting and getting weaker the more i stared at the crowd

"....dont mind to the people around, think of only someone so important like your parents or your crush he or she watches you dancing and singing"

you closed your eyes and think of someone that important to you

as you open your eyes

you only see him

Hwang Y/N

smiling and clapping

waiting for your performance

you feel more relief as you only see him

y/n thank you that i met you

im glad that we become friends

i was lonely

i dont really that have much friends back then

my mom and dad left me for their job

i dont have a brother or sister to hang out

my life was so boring like i just lived to die

then i transferred to JYP University because my mom asked to me transfer and of course i have no choice to agree

never thought that the person that i will first meet

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