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*Kylie’s POV*

I stretched in my tiny bed, yawning and opening my eyes. I smiled instantly. Today was Zayn and I’s two-month anniversary. I wonder what he had planned for us today? A nice breakfast in bed? A fancy restaurant? A hot air balloon ride? Last month, he took me to a super fancy dinner. It was perfect.

I jumped off my bed. Nobody was in the room, they were probably in the kitchen area, or in the lounge.

The kitchen and lounge were both empty.


Morning sleepyhead. Went to an interview and a signing. Didn’t want to wake you- left at 10. Should be back by 2. No concert tonight- we’re all going to have a barbeque at some nearby pits.

Love, Liam J

Cool. So nobody would be here until two, in an hour and half. And the short note wasn’t even from my boyfriend-no “Love you”’s or “Happy anniversary”’s.

Did he forget?

He wouldn’t forget about me…right?

I let out a heavy sigh, putting on grey shorts and a dark blue T-shirt from playing high school volleyball years ago. I snatched my iPhone from the charger on the wall, clicking to the unlock screen.

NEW MESSAGE FROM: Zaynie<333   -Good morning beautiful<3 xx-

-Good morning babe(: any plans for the day?- I sent back. Subtle.

 NEW MESSAGE FROM: Zaynie<333     -Just the bbq later w the boys. Pretty relaxing. @ the signing, gtg. I love you.-

I loved how Zayn always typed out I Love You, even if he was busy. Not luv u or love ya but a full, meaningful I love you.

Still, I threw my phone at the couch in the lounge angrily. He had totally forgotten about our anniversary.

I flipped through the channels, stopping on a rerun of Friends. It was the one when Phoebe sings the Smelly Cat song and I smiled, thinking about how I found that little cat when I was 11, and Zayn’s mom had started singing the smelly cat song as we gave the tiny kitten a bath. We hadn’t even known what Friends was, but we learned the song word by word. Sadly, the kitten had a collar and we had to give it back to its owners, but at least it smelled better.

Stupid Zayn, being in memories of everything.

With a frustrated scream, I flipped the channel to Discovery channel. No memories in I Shouldn’t be Alive. I was engulfed for an hour as the person barely survived through being on an open ocean for 21 days, and suddenly, somebody popped up behind me, putting hands on my shoulders.

I let out a bloodcurdling scream right as the shark’s fin popped up onscreen, and I heard 5 laughs.

“Shut up.” I muttered, glaring at all of them. Zayn captured me in his arms, spinning me around to face him and kissing me softly. I didn’t kiss him back.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, frowning at me.

“Nothing. Just hungry.” I lied, fake smiling brightly.

He didn’t believe me, and he scrutinized me for a second before dropping it.

“This is how I feel AAALLL THE TIIME.” Niall groaned, high fiving me.

“Let’s go to the barbeque pits!” Harry said, not looking at Louis. Apparently, they hadn’t talked, because things were still very awkward between them.

So we packed up the burgers and buns, got some stuff to do, and headed out. In the car, I had my head on Liam’s shoulder. Zayn was sitting in the passenger seat and kept looking back at me and frowning. Well maybe, if you hadn’t forgotten about our anniversary, I would’ve kissed you back, you douche, I ranted mentally.

I grabbed my sunglasses and the bag of food that couldn’t be trusted anywhere near Niall, and stalked off to the stupid grills. Of course, there was security there, so that nobody could sneak in the place and demand autographs.

I handed the burgers to Harry, who flipped them on the grill.

“Kiss for the chef?” Haz said cockily, pointing to his cheek.

“Ask your loverboy.” I snorted, and both Louis’ and Harry’s heads snapped around as they glared at me. Luckily, the other boys didn’t hear, they were throwing a Frisbee around and tackling each other.

“Sorry, not sorry. Talk to him.” I trilled as I flounced away, sternly mouthing at them to talk. I smiled as Louis deflated, walking over to Harry.

*Louis’ POV*

Fine. If this is what Kylie wants, I would. Maybe she would finally shut up about it and let me just be awkward.

“Hi…” I said hesitantly, looking down.

“Hola.” Harry said, his eyes fixed on the grill.

“Look…” I started. “Can we talk somewhere private?” I pointed at the building not far away. Harry nodded, calling for Liam to take care of the food for a minute. We walked to the bathroom building, and I checked it was empty and locked the door.  

“I don’t know what’s happening.” He said quickly after it closed.

“Me neither.” I groaned.

Harry sighed, frowning.

“So now what?” I said awkwardly.

“I don’t know what this is- the whole us making out and then you having sex dreams-”

“And you reading Larry porn.” I pointed out. “I can’t control my dreams, but you can control Larry porn.” I smirked at him as he blushed.

“But Boobear, a dream is a wish your heart makes!” Harry sang loudly.

It was my turn to blush, and I’m sure I did, bright red.

“What do you want?” I asked him after a while.

“What do YOU want?” he replied back.

“I asked you first.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“I don’t know. I’m not gay. I like girls. You like girls.”

“Kiss me.” I demanded him.

“What?” He asked, but leant in anyways. Or lips met briefly, and it wasn’t anything. Just skin on skin. No butterflies, nothing like kissing… Eleanor.

“Anything?” Harry pulled away after a minute.

“Nope. You?” I sighed.

“No. So we were just drunk. Friends forever?”

“BESTEREST friends forever!” I hopped around and smiled at him. Hopefully, things with Harry would be a lot better now.

He grinned back. “Now to save my burgers from Liam!”



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