*Zayn’s POV*

“Finally!” Niall.

“It’s our day off.” Harry pouted.

“We want to go to the beach.” Lou yelled, hyper as always.

“Louis, it’s raining.” Liam added.

“Not anymore. It’s sunny.” Louis whined.

“We were trapped in an elevator, thank you for asking. It was terrifying, thanks to you guys making me watch that scary movie.” Kylie said, redoing her ponytail.

“What did you do in the elevator?” Louis winked at us, and Kylie’s cheeks flushed red.

“We were mad at each other, we didn’t talk much.”

“The activity you two did does not require talking.” Harry put in, smirking. “Angry sex is the best sex.”

“Why are you so interested in our sex life?” I asked them, blushing too.

“At the moment, you are the only people that have one.” Niall said, then frowned. “I miss Sydney.” He was frowning at his phone, and Kylie detached herself from me, going over to him.

“What’s wrong, Leppy?” she wrapped her arms around him, putting her head on his shoulder somehow, even though she was an inch taller.

“Sydney is mad at me.”


“A fan is telling everyone I slept with her last week.”

“You didn’t, right?” Kylie asked, her eyes wide.

“No!” Ni snapped, and then frowned. “Sorry. I just- I love her. I would never do that. She’s supposed to come out to Mullingar for a few days before I leave again but she says she doesn’t want to if I cheated on her.” His blue eyes filled with tears.

All of a sudden, everyone tackled him. “It’s okay, Nialler.” Liam nuzzled into his hair.

“Mate, you didn’t do it, you have nothing to worry about.”

“Yeah, but she’s upset.” He looked down, it was obvious he felt guilty even though he didn’t do anything. The hate never bothered Sydney- as far as she let us know, but it must be hard to be away from your boyfriend, especially when he was famous. I knew Kylie got pissed when people threatened her and threw themselves at me, offering me anything I could want. Not like I would ever say yes, but I don’t know, girls are fucking insane.

*Kylie’s POV*

We decided to go to the beach anyway, even though Niall was upset. We hoped it would cheer him up. I slid a sheer white cover up over my dark blue bikini and slapped two hair ties on my wrist, grabbing my plastic flip flops and walking out of the bunks.

-Niall would never do that to you, babe.- I texted Sydney, sitting on the couch waiting for Harry and Louis, who were who knows where, and Zayn, who was in the bathroom probably doing his hair.

“ZAYN YOUR HAIR IS FINE AND HARRY AND LOU STOP MAKING OUT!” I screamed, causing Liam to laugh and Niall to smile slightly.

-I know. It’s just hard. I miss him so much and to know that girls are all over my boyfriend and I’m not even in the same country is hard.- my phone buzzed and I quickly texted her back.

-I know, but I swear he’s not. I wouldn’t let him. And you get to see him in 4 days. I’m going home in 2 :D-

-<3. Tell him I love him, I’m at work. Bye slutmuffin.-

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