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*Kylie’s POV*

Oh god, my head hurt so bad. My mouth was so dry. I wanted to die.

“Morning, sleeping beauty.” Zayn said, smiling down at me.

I flinched and sat up. “That was loud.”

“Sorry.” He whispered. “Here.” He  handed me 2 Advil, a water, and a cup of coffee.

“I love you.” I smiled, washing the medicine down with water and then taking a sip of my coffee. Just the way I like it.

He just smirked. “Boom, hammertime.”

“What?” I asked, puzzled.

“You don’t remember?” he chuckled.

“I never remember anything.” I complained.

“I’m horny Zayn let’s have sex.” He trilled in a high voice.

“I did not say that!” my eyes widened.

“Just wait. When I said no, you called me a party pooper, then asked Liam to have sex with you-”

“Oh God.”

“-and when he said no, you asked if it was because you were an airplane. Then you made airplane noises. After that, you demanded a puppy. I told Liam you I was going to take you back because you were hammered. Then you shouted BOOM HAMMERTIME into my ear.” Zayn wasn’t holding back his laughter very well.

“I’m so weird when I’m drunk.” I groaned.

“And on the way home you tried to have a conversation with the taxi driver but started crying because he wouldn’t take you to the candy store. Then when he opened the door for us, you threw up on his shoes.”

“Oh my god.” I said, hiding my head.

“It could’ve been worse.” Zayn said optimistically.


“You could’ve asked the taxi driver to have sex with you. And at least you didn’t demand the lizard song.” He laughed, and walked out of the room, me slowly following him.

On the couch, Harry was sitting on one side with Lou totally on the other. Niall was on the recliner and Liam was in between Haz and Louis, looking from one to the other, puzzled.

What was up between THEM?

“Sorry, LiLi.” I said, sitting on Liam’s lap.

“One- don’t call me LiLi. Two- it’s fine, you were drunk. It was actually really funny.”

“What happened?” Niall questioned, grinning evilly around his doughnut.

Liam and Zayn relayed the whole story to them, not listening to my protests. My headache was gradually going away, but I’m sure I looked like shit. Harry cracked a grin and Lou smiled.

Wow, apparently I was funny enough when I was drunk to make two pissy guys smile.


It was two days after we went clubbing, and Harry and Louis were still not talking to each other. There was this tension between them, and nobody could figure out what the hell it was. Even at the concert last night, they were joking around with everyone else, but would hardly look at each other.

I walked into the front room where Harry had to be; he wasn't in the lounge with everyone else. He was sitting on the couch, scrolling on his phone.

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