*Kylie’s POV*

Two days later, we were just all hanging out. It was like 6 pm and we had all stayed in watching movies and laughing all day. Niall was upside down on the couch, eating, and texting Sydney. Louis was running around with Harry, being immature as usual. Liam was trying to get them to stop, and Zayn was sitting next to me on the couch. I had my hand on his shoulder, painting my nails a pretty, sparkly purple.

“Don’t get any on my shirt.” Zayn said, frowning at me.

“Shh, I would never. Now stay still.” I brushed him off.

“And save some so he can paint his nails later too.” Louis laughed, standing on top of the counter.

“Lou, why are you on the counter?” I asked, looking puzzled. When I wasn’t paying attention, I had over-brushed my finger, and gotten a little purple sparkle paint on Zayn’s black t-shirt. “Shit.” I muttered, wiping it quickly with my finger. It wasn’t working.

“Harry is trying to eat me.” Louis fake-sobbed, and Harry lunged at him from the ground. Louis screamed and jumped onto the island.

“What did you do to him?” Niall asked, sitting up and looking away from his phone. Sydney had him whipped and they’ve only been on 2 dates. We all met her the other day; she was awesome. Funny and absolutely beautiful. She was shorter than Niall, which was rare. Niall was smitten, it was cute.


“He put mayonnaise on my face! I hate mayonnaise!” Harry screamed, and I laughed, still trying to get the nail polish off of Zayn’s shirt.

“Kylie…what are you trying to get off my shirt…” Zayn asked, catching on.

“Uh, nothing.” I smiled innocently at him, letting his shirt go. He moved his head around, trying to look at his shoulder.

“Kylie! I’m sparkly!” he complained.

“Sorry.” I said, smiling. I rested my hand back on his shoulder, and reached for my nail polish bottle.

“Are you insane? You just spilled on me and you think you're going to paint on my shoulder again?” Zayn said, ripping away and giving me an incredulous look.

“Don’t argue with my girlfriend!” Harry yelled from the kitchen where he was still stalking Louis around the island.

“Harry, leave him alone!” Liam yelled, pushing him back from the kitchen. “It’s just mayonnaise.” Harry reached in the cupboard and grabbed Li’s ceramic Toy Story cup and held it high above his head, never taking his eyes off Louis.

“Liam, get out of the kitchen and let me kill him or Buzz gets it.” He said, looking at Liam for half a second.

In that half second, Louis jumped down off the counter and took off, running up the stairs.

“Shit!” Harry cussed, slamming the cup on the table and rushing off after Lou. He slammed the ceramic cup on the table and Liam squeaked, rushing to the table.

“Get him!” Niall screeched, hitting the table I was painting the top coat for my nails on.

I frowned at Ni. “Stop.” I said, pushing his arm away. I looked over at Zayn, who had ripped his shirt off and was pouting, trying to get the nail polish off of it. My eyes roamed over his abs and I bit my lip.

“Like what you see?” Zayn teased, flexing. I blushed, embarrassed. I was an idiot and I didn’t know how to handle life.

“Definitely.” I purred, trailing my finger down his chest. His eyes were wide and they were following my finger. I got down to his waistband, and snapped his boxers band. I laughed, kissing him on the cheek lightly. He glared at me.

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