*Zayn’s POV*

“Truth or dare?” Liam asked, taking a slug of his 1st beer, he was actually drinking a little.

“Truth!” Niall said, drinking his beer too.

“I dare you to call Sydney and tell her to change her shirt because there’s a ketchup stain on it.” Liam smiled.


“Loser dare.” Harry coughed, and Liam waved him away.

Niall put his phone on speaker.

“Hey Ni.” She chirped as I twirled Kylie’s hair around.

“You need to change your shirt.” Niall said.

“Is this you trying to have phone sex?”

We all laughed.

“No, babe. You have a ketchup stain on your shirt.”

“What the hell? How do you know that? Are you in my window?” Sydney said incredulously, and I could imagine her looking around the house.

“It was a dare, babe. I had no idea. I love you and miss you.”

“Okay…I’ll see you soon. Love you.” Sydney hung up, still seeming confused.

“Kylie, truth or dare?” Niall asked Kylie.

“Uhh…dare. Why not.” Kylie said, lifting her head.

“I dare you to snog Zayn’s ear.”

“The fuck? Okay.” Kylie looked at him like he was an alien, and then turned to me. “Sorry if this is totally weird.”

She kissed the top of my ear lightly, and then again. Kylie trailed her tongue down my ear, nibbling slightly as she went. Is it weird that this was turning me on? I let out a shaky breath as she continued, and Kylie whispered in my ear.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” she almost laughed when I nodded slightly. She pulled her mouth away from my ear.

“Okay, I did your weird dare.”

“It’s your turn, Ky.” Harry reminded her.

“Zayn, truth or dare?”

“Dare. Keep the trend.” I replied.

“Lick Hazza’s hair.” Kylie said, throwing her pretty dark hair into a bun.

“You guys have weird dares tonight.” I walked over to Harry, sticking my tongue out and licking his hair.

“Your hair tastes odd.” I said, laughing. I’m pretty sure we were all tipsy, at the least.

“Truth or dare, Liam?” Louis asked after swallowing.


“Loser!” Kylie yelled from my lap.

“Liam…” Louis started evilly. Louis was always mean when it came to truth or dare. “Has Danielle ever given you a blowjob?”

Liam flushed, looking at the ground. I laughed. This question wouldn’t really be a big deal to anyone else, but to Liam, it was. He didn’t like talking about anything sexual.

“Well…umm…you see…uh…yes.” He mumbled, causing us all to crack up at his embarrassed face.

“Kylie, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” She answered.

“Who here have you kissed other than Zayn and Harry?”

Nobody. She would’ve told me.

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