*Kylie’s POV*

“You told Sugarscape that you lost the beach game because I can be very persuasive.” I stifled a laugh, in the car with Zayn on the way to the concert arena. We just went out to lunch, and Liam, Louis, Harry and Niall had an interview and were already there.

“You were.” He winked dramatically and I laughed out loud, focusing on the road. His hand was on my thigh and he was rubbing small circles. I swear to god, this boy always wanted to get some. We were in the fucking car!

I looked off from space when the warm hand that was rubbing circles on my thigh disappeared. Zayn was glaring at his phone, mouth set in a hard line.

“What’s up, babe?” I asked, trying to catch his eye.

“This.” He spat, showing me his phone as we pulled into the arena. He was on the Sugarscape app.

“I am driving, I can’t look right now.” I brushed it off, whatever it was could be dealt with in a minute.

“Then park the damn car.” He snarled as I pulled through to the VIP section, opening the window so they would wave us through.

“I’m working on it, calm down.” I sighed as I whipped into a spot.

---Kylie Carter cheating?

Miss Kylie Carter, known and loved by the whole world as Zayn Malik’s girlfriend, is rumored to be sneaking out of the bus with Mr. Styles to go hook up…would Kylie do that to DJ Malik? Would Hazza do that to Zayn? Do these pictures mean anything?--- (A/N I sound so much like Sugarscape I should write for them omfg)

There were 2 pictures of me and Harry, one where we were walking to the arena, his arm around my shoulders as I laughed. The next one was at night, we were deep in conversation sitting at a booth with ice cream on the table.

“Obviously this is fake. Harry and I are friends. What’s the deal?”

“Nothing. Nothing’s the deal.” Zayn spat, sounding pissed.

“Zayn, what the hell?”

“I don’t mean shit to you, that’s fine.”

“What are you talking about?!” I yelled.

“Obviously, you don’t care about me because you’re cheating on me with my best friend! Maybe I’ll go fuck a random girl and see how you feel about that!”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean? I’m. Not. Cheating. On. You. With. Harry. He. Is. My. Friend.” I snarled, pissed off at the thought of him and someone else.

“You were about to kiss!” Zayn protested angrily.

“We were talking over ice cream!” I spat.

“If you still like him just tell me and I’ll get out of your way!”

“Why do you get so jealous?! I LOVE YOU AND ONLY YOU. Get that through your thick skull!”

Zayn stepped out and slammed the door. I crashed my head back on the passenger seat, opening my door and stomping out, hurling the car door shut behind me as hard as I could.

I stopped suddenly, causing someone to run into me. “Move, Carter.” Harry pushed me. I frowned at him, shrugging off his arm on my shoulder. He looked hurt for a second before I flashed him the article that was still open on my phone and mouthed, “Zayn.”

Zayn was sitting in there with Louis, Liam, and Niall, not talking but continuously sighing and running a hand through his hair.

I caught his eye and we looked at each other for a moment, before he rolled his eyes and looked away. I turned on my heel, walking out of the room.

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