*Zayn’s POV*

I was so stupid. I don’t know how I could do that to Kylie. The look on her flawless face, her brown eyes watering with tears. She was my whole world and I just ruined it. Why the hell did I ever kiss Bridget back?

You’re stupid you’re stupid you’re stupid you’re so fucking stupid.

Every time I reminded myself of this, I downed yet another shot until I couldn’t remember why I thought I was so stupid in the first place. I wasn’t stupid- I was Zayn motherfucking Malik and I did anything I wanted to because I could.

I spotted a hot girl across the room, hair dark and her eyes brown. She was tall and skinny but with a nice body, reminding me of somebody I knew from somewhere, who the hell did I know that was that hot?

I couldn’t remember, it hurt my alcohol-induced brain. But I wanted that girl. With the confidence that could only come from having too much to drink, I sauntered over to where she was laughing by a table with her friends. There was no denying it- I was completely hammered.

“Hey.” I said, only addressing the hot brunette one. It was rude- I was completely ignoring the other three friends but I was too drunk to care.

“Hi.” She said after a moment, in a flirty tone that girls use on me all the time – after they recognize me. She definitely knew who I was, and that was okay, as long as I got her by the end of the night.

“I’m Zayn. Who are you?” I grinned at her, tossing my quiff.

“Brandi.” She giggled.

“Want to dance?” I held my hand out. She took it, giggling again in a way that was unlike whomever the hell she looked like that I knew. I led her out on the floor, where an upbeat song was playing on the tiny dance floor. I wasted no time pulling her back into me, and she wasted no time grinding her ass back on me.

I knew I was doing something wrong; but I didn’t know what I was doing wrong or why it would be considered bad.

Songs and songs and songs later, I was undeniably turned on. So turned on that something needed to be done now. My brain was so fuzzy that it was all I could think about; going back to her flat, wherever it was, and fixing this.

“Back to yours?” I asked her with another charming grin after pulling her in for a long kiss.

“Okay.” She giggled, just as hammered as I was. She took my hand, waving with the other to her friends and leading me to a taxi. She gave them an address as I slowly rubbed her thigh, too fucking turned on to wait until the five-minute drive to her flat was over. Brandi giggled again, something that would be annoying if I cared about her personality at all.

We were in her flat and instantly I pressed her against the door, taking control of what would be the night to come.


I woke up with a pounding headache, rolling over with a groan. My heart stopped as I saw the naked girl lying next to me – a girl that was not Kylie. Shitshitshitshitshit. This was so not good. I got up to go to the bathroom and find water and some Advil, realizing that I was also naked. Fuck.

I slid on some boxers, trying to find a bathroom in the little flat. I managed to find one; also finding painkillers in the cabinet. I looked like absolute shit, along with the fact that I wanted to stab a knife through my own face for doing this to Kylie.

The girl was up now, yawning and looking around her bed. She was pretty, looked a lot like my (which would probably be ex by the end of the day considering I was a douchebag) girlfriend. My phone chimed and I looked around on the floor,  finding it in a pocket in my jeans.

New message from: Leeyum --Where the fuck are you?--  It was rare Liam cursed, especially in a text.

New message from: NiNi –Bro, we have an interview! Harry’s massively hungover, but he’s here. Where r u?-

New message from: Lou-ser(; –Where the hell did you go?-

New message from: KyliePrincess<3: -We need to talk.-

The last message ran my blood cold- she was going to break up with me. And she didn’t even know about this yet.

“Zayn?” the girl in bed said, confused. She looked down at herself. “Oh fuck. Oh my god. I broke up Zaylie. Oh my God. I’m so sorry. Oh my God.”

“It’s not your fault.” I told her. “It’s all mine. Just, um, don’t tell people?” That was a long shot.  

“Oh my God. I’m so so sorry. I love you and Kylie together and fuck, I’m sorry! I won’t tell anybody, I swear.” She looked really upset about it, which I guess made me feel a little better, knowing she at least seemed to care about it. Most fans would tell the world and even if Kylie broke up with me (which I’m sure she would), management would absolutely kill me if there were more stories about me hooking up with fans, most of the rumors (some which had been truths) had stopped after Kylie. Her brown eyes were sad, her dark hair messy. She was pretty, there was no denying it.  But there was also no denying I was in love with Kylie, even though I was an asshole.

“Honestly, it’s not your fault. But I have to go… I’m late and shit, everyone’s going to kill me. Last night was great, I’m guessing. I can’t really remember.” I smiled sheepishly, blabbing on as I put on my clothes from last night.

“This might be too much…but, can I have an autograph?”

I laughed out loud, nodding my head. I was basically in debt to this girl- she controlled my career. How many fans would we lose if it came out I was a cheater? Management would kill me, the boys would kill me, and the world would kill me.

I signed a piece of paper and got her twitter name, promising her I would follow her and have the boys follow her too.

“Thank you for keeping it a secret, I’m sorry I took advantage of you.” I said sincerely, shoving my phone back in my pocket.

“I’m so so sorry again!” She called as I ran out the door of her flat and down the stairs, not having the patience to wait in the elevator.


What do you think now? Even? Not even?  

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