*Zayn's POV*

Three weeks. It's been three weeks since that night in the club, and Harry and Kylie were still going strong. Twitter was blowing up- things about her cheating on Harry with me (not true), things saying Kylie was a whore (not true), and a few nice comments. 3/5 of One Direction were taken, at least publicly. Niall and his new girlfriend Sydney hadn't gone public yet, because Management didn't want them to. It sucked, being the only single one. Especially since the only girl I wanted was with Harry. Happy with Harry. But today, she was all mine. It was our 14th Friendaversary; I had a surprise for her.

"Wake up, Kylie!" I yelled in her room, and she just uttered something incomprehensible and rolled over. I guess I had to sing to her, she always wakes up for that. I've been singing to her since I met her when we were 5. "Wake up, wake up. It's time to wake up." I sang, sitting on her bed and pulling the covers from covering her head.

"Zayn, go away." She groaned.

"Happy Friendaversary, babe." I said, pulling her in my arms. She was very, very warm from being under the covers all night and her skin goose bumped from the sudden cold.

"Happy 14th Friendaversary." She smiled, bleary eyed.

"Be down in 25 minutes." I said, knowing that was enough time. She was a big girl and she could handle it.

"Mmmk." She said, walking to the bathroom. She turned around, glaring at me. "Don't be in my closet waiting this time, creeper."

I laughed loudly. "Aww, damn it. That' my favorite part."

"Get out, Zaynie." She called, coming back across the room to push me out of the door.

22 minutes later, Kylie was downstairs. Her dark hair was in a braid that started from the top (I think it was called a French braid?) and she was wearing a neon green t-shirt and jean shorts. She was carrying a larger purse then she usually did and her sunglasses were perched on her head. She didn't know where we were going but I told her it was outside. She looked stunning, as always. She literally took my breath away.

"Let's go!" I said from the door, Kylie was sitting on the counter, talking to Liam.

"Bye Li!" she said, waving to him.

"Have a good day!" he called after us. She kissed Harry on the way out. Niall and Louis were still sleeping.

We piled into the car. 5 minutes later, I pulled in the parking lot of the giant field. Not many people knew about it, so I doubt being mobbed would be an issue.

"The field?" Ky asked, confused.

I smiled and took her wrist in my hand. I tugged her to the top of the hill and she randomly started dancing, shaking her hips around and singing the old song 'Like a Virgin'.

"Stop, my eyes, they burn!" I begged playfully, holding her shoulders to stop her spontaneous dancing.

"Oh really? Your eyes- along with other parts of your body- seemed to enjoy my dancing a few weeks ago." She smirked. Then, she turned and took off down the hill. I just stood at the top, with wide eyes, stunned.


She got me there.

I ran after Kylie as she bypassed my surprise. "Kylie!" I yelled after her. "You passed it!" She came circling back around.

"Zaynie! You're the best friend anyone can ever ask for!" she grinned, throwing herself in my arms and almost knocking me to the ground.

*Kylie's POV*

Zayn was so sweet. He put together a picnic with our favorite foods on the grass at the foot of the hill. It was completely perfect, with a red checkered blanket and everything. There was a salami sandwich and a bag of grapes for me, and a ham sandwich and an orange for him. He also had a bag of chips sitting in the basket.

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