*Kylie’s POV*

“Wake up, wake up, time to wake up.” All 5 boys sang, huddled around my bunk.

“Go awaaaay.” I groaned, reaching out and hitting blindly.

“Damn it Ky!” Niall choked out, and I opened my eyes to see him holding his crotch, his face pinched.

Liam was on the floor, laughing so hard it was silent, tears running down his face. Harry and Louis were leaning on each other, cracking up and Zayn was holding his stomach, his face on my bed.

“Good shot babe!” He held up his hand for a high five. I glared at him, motioning to a very in-pain looking Niall.

“I’m so sorry leppy.” I said to him.

“What the hell is a leppy?” Louis asked, giving me a look.

“Short for leprechaun! Cuz, you know, he’s short. And Irish.”

“Why not just a regular leprechaun? Regular leprechauns are short.”


“HEY! I am 5’8.” Niall shouted.

Damn, these boys can wake you up fast.

“Well, you are.” Everyone said, and Ni pouted.

“Even little Kylie is taller than you.” Liam said, pinching my cheek.

“I am the same height!” I exclaimed, pushing him away.

“You’re adorable.” Zayn said, kissing my cheek.

“And you need to shave.” I said, running my finger along his stubbly chin. Zayn leaned down, pressing his lips on mine. I let him kiss me for a second before-

“EW.” 4 voices screamed, and I winced.

“I would prefer to keep my eardrums.”

“Sorry.” They all whispered, and I smiled.

“Good boys. Now, when will we be there? I need a shower.” I added.

“We won’t be there ‘till 6. Then we have a concert tomorrow.” Harry said, looking down at his phone. It was 10:30 now, way too early to be up.

I groaned, stretching and reaching under the bunk bed, grabbing my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and razor from my toiletry bag. “I am going to take a shower in the tiny little hole of a shower. Do not come in, ZAYN.”

“Aww.” He pouted.

“Kylie needs to shave her girly parts.” Lou squealed in a girl voice. I blushed furiously.

“Uh, actually I plan on shaving my legs.” I said, glaring at him and running a hand through my dirty hair. It was extremely messy.

“And those underarms, gorilla girl.” Niall hooted like a monkey.

“LEPPY!” I squeaked, snapping my arm back down. I grabbed my towel and walked into the bathroom, hitting him hard on the way in. If this was not even one day on tour living in a small space with the boys, what will the next 2 months be like?

I turned on the shower and took off my PJs, waiting for it to warm up. I hummed as I took the hair tie out of bun that wasn’t doing much to hold my hair anyways.

“AHHH!” A voice screamed, and I did too.

“HARRY! What are you doing?” I yelled, stepping in the semi-cold shower and sticking my head out from behind the dark blue curtain.

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