*Kylie’s POV*

                  “ZAYN PUT ME DOWN!” I screamed as I was picked up in the air, the Frisbee being ripped from my hands. I heard Niall and Liam laughing; Harry and Louis had gone to talk. Finally. “My shirt is riding up!”

“Cool. It’s better off anyway.”


“If you insist.” He smirked, and dropped me lightly…right into a mud puddle.

I got up with a murderous glint in my eye. Zayn Malik must die. I ran over to him, tackling him to the ground. I took the mud from my clothes and hair, rubbing it into his hair and face.

“I hate you!” I yelled, hitting him on the chest as he rolled me over and got up.

“I love you, baby.” He kissed me softly, and I kissed him back. Until I remembered that he forgot our anniversary, and I pushed him back.

“Food is ready!” Harry’s voice called. He was standing next to Louis. When did they come back?

I pushed Zayn, and he laughed, stumbling after me.

“What the hell happened to you?” Harry chuckled.

“Zayn threw me in a mud puddle.” I huffed. “Lou, are you and Haz friends again?”

He didn’t answer me, looking in the distance.


“Huh? Sorry. That bitch was wearing Crocs.”

I snorted super attractively as I put a burger on my plate, squeezing ketchup on it. Harry slung his arm over Louis’s shoulder, laughing too. Well that answered my question.

I bet they’re just friends. Harry and Louis were never going to be able to handle that if it actually happened.

 “Haz, what’ up with you two? Just friends?” He gave me a small, indiscreet nod.

“Food, food, food, food, food, food, food, foooooood!” Niall sang, jumping around like the strange person he was.

We ate our burgers with jokes in between, and then decided to go back to the bus. The boys decided to all take showers before I did, because I would take the longest. This was true- I needed to shave just about my whole body.

I grabbed my stuff, jumping into the bathroom. Zayn was an idiot- he had to have seen the wrapped present under my bed when I pulled out my bag. He still didn’t remember.

I took my time in the shower, rinsing the dried mud off and shaving, and when I got out, I dried my hair, letting it hang loose. I opened the door in my towel- nobody was in sight.

Cool. They ditched me again. What a lovely feeling. Note the sarcasm.

I walked over to my bed, seeing a pink sticky note.

-Wear this. Go to the kitchen.- Zayn’s scrawl was on a the post it. There was a beautiful light green dress, and I blushed, picking it up. Underneath was a tiny pair of lacy underwear and a see through lace bra.

I put it on, walking into the kitchen. On the fridge, there was another note. –Grab it and meet me outside.- I opened the refrigerator, seeing a bottle of wine. I walked out the door, seeing Zayn standing there in a suit, with a red rose in his hand. He looked like something straight out of the Bachelor.

He held out the rose to me. “You look absolutely spectacular.” He grinned, and I smiled back, taking the rose from his outstretched hand.

“And you look dashing.” I said in a posh accent.

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