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*Kylie’s POV*

I looked at the pregnancy test, my body crumpling and falling to the ground.

In relief.

A purple negative sign stared back at me and Harry, and I was on the floor, trying to catch my breath. Harry was leaning against the counter, grinning with his eyes closed. I got up, wrapping my arms around him, breathing into his shoulder. We just stood like that, hugging each other. I pulled away.

“Haz, want a sandwich?” I asked after sitting for a few, realizing how hungry I was, and he nodded, leaning back against the counter. He was breathing slow, trying to get his heart rate back to normal.

I walked out to the little fridge, getting bread and cold cuts out, along with condiments and lettuce. Everyone was sitting in the living room, and I ignored them because Zayn was with them. I made Harry’s sandwich, and then mine.

“Kylie.” Zayn said, appearing out of thin air. I screamed, dropping the mayonnaise I was about to put back, but then went back to ignoring him. “I am so so sorry, I did NOT mean that. I swear, I am the stupidest fucking idiot in the world-”

“Yeah. You are.” I said, holding in the tears that started to blur my vision, grabbing mine and Harry’s sandwich and walking into the lounge, pushing Zayn out of the way.

*Zayn’s POV*

“Yeah. You are.” Kylie said, and I knew her well enough I could tell she was about to cry. She pushed me out of the way and walked further back on the bus.

I sighed, sitting on the couch and putting my head in my hands. I really was the stupidest guy in the world. I could write a book: How to Officially Mess Up Your Life By Being An Asshole. By Zayn Malik.

“She will forgive you.” Louis said.

“I don’t deserve it.” I muttered.

“Yeah, not really.” Niall said, and Liam hit him. “Ow!”

“It’s okay, Ni. I don’t. I’m the world’s biggest screw up. We’ve gotten in fights before, I mean, we have been friends for 14 years. But I don’t think I’ve ever said something so mean to her.”

“Why did you call her a slut?”

 “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say the whole story, I’m sure she will tell you soon. But I don’t know. Because I’m stupid.”

 Because I was jealous. Because I wanted it to be mine, not Harry fucking Styles. Because I want to be with her forever and don’t want her to have anyone’s baby but mine. Because I’m an ass. Because I didn’t think. Because I’m stupid. I didn’t even care if she was pregnant with someone else’s baby, I loved her. I wanted her.

“KYLIE’S PREGNANT?!” Louis yelled, and both Liam and Niall sat with eyes wide.

“Shit! I thought out loud again.” I cussed, and Harry and Kylie stuck their heads out of the door.

“Kylie!” Liam exclaimed. “Are you seriously?”

“NO.” She hissed. “It was a scare, but I’m not. I’m just sick. I didn’t want you guys to know. The only reason I told Harry was because nobody else was there for me, and Harry would’ve been directly affected.” When she said ‘nobody else was there for me’, she shot me a glare and I dropped my gaze.

“Ky-” I started.

“Don’t. Only my friends call me Ky, and friends don’t call each other sluts. Or tell other people their secrets.” She said bitterly, turning on her heel and walking out.

“Harry?” I begged, turning my eyes to him.

“Yes?” He asked cautiously.

“Please…you know her best, other than me. And right now, I have no clue what to do. I fucked up everything. How do I get her back? She doesn’t even consider me a friend anymore…” My hand was rubbing my forehead like it did when I was worried.

“She is extremely hurt. You swore you would never hurt her and she trusted you to help her. Not only did you not help her then, you called her a slut. I don’t know. Just do anything you can. But we have to leave…concert time.” He said.

“Kylie? We’re leaving for rehearsals. The concert is at 8 if you want to come. Security will let you in.” Liam called, and she called back,


Three hours later, we were getting ready to go onstage, the opening act almost done. I stared at the giant crowd, not feeling the rush like usual. I could only think of one thing- Kylie.

The music started and we ran onstage, me putting a fake smile on my face. I kept glancing behind me as we sang. Was she really so mad at me she was going miss the concert? She’s been to every single one while she lived with us, even a few before that.

“I will give you the moon, it’s the least I can do, if you give me a chaaance.” I sang, looking around. I almost stumbled on my words.

Later, when we got back to the bus, we saw Kylie asleep on the couch. She was dressed, hopefully ready to go to the concert when she fell asleep.

I logged onto Twitter, and looked at trends. #Whatswrongwithzayn was trending in the UK, along with lots of pictures of me looking miserable onstage.

@drivetothestars: Are you okay @zaynmalik?

I had thousands of messages like this.

@zaynmalik: @drivetothestars not really. Hey everyone, want to help me out?

I got lots of “Yes!!” tweets, so I posted.

@zaynmalik: ok guys, Kylie is mad at me right now…that’s why I was upset at the concert. She’s asleep right now so can you guys trend #ZaylieForever by morning, please? Thanks xxxx

@inlouwethrust: @zaynmalik why is she mad?? I’m sure you guys will make up soon. Good luck!

I hoped so. I had to fix this, one way or another.


I wouldn’t get her preggo I’m not that cliché.

Shall Zayn ever get her back after calling her a slut? WHO KNOWS?

Oh yeah I do. But you do not.

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