Chapter 2

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*Zayn's POV*

Harry had disappeared about 15 minutes ago. Niall, Liam, Louis, and I sat around talking about random crap and waiting for Kylie to come back down.

"And then the turtle ate it!" Liam finished, looking around at our bored expressions. Liam, Louis, and I were on the couch, with Niall on the floor in between Liam's legs. We were closer than most, so being all squished on one couch or being in between each other's limbs wasn't awkward at all.

Louis patted my head as I glanced at the stairs, waiting for Kylie's long legs to appear. I wanted to go somewhere, do something. But we couldn't leave her here, she'd be pissed. I gave her 15 more minutes to sleep before I went up there.

"HAAARRRYYY!" Kylie screamed from upstairs, obviously out of breath. I stiffened and my fists clenched. How could he? He knows exactly how I feel but of course, being the man whore he is, he just has to go shag anything with a pulse. I stood up.

"Mate, he wouldn't." Louis said, tugging my hand back down. I pulled harder and snapped free of his grip.

"Yes, he fucking would. He likes her too and you guys know it." I growled, starting up the steps.

"Zayn." Liam said, rushing up next to me. Niall and Louis were right behind him. "Chill out."

"Don't tell me what to do!" I snapped. "Harry is up there screwing the girl I love and my best friend even though he knows exactly how I feel about Kylie!"

"Maybe they're not-"

"No, she screams like THAT when we just hang out too." I narrowed my eyes. I could never make her do that, and I would never get the chance since Harry the Whore swooped in. I walked in front of her room, hearing giggles. I hope she was laughing at how small his...

I pushed open the door silently. They didn't notice me. Harry was hovering over her. They were both breathing pretty hard, but were fully clothed. They looked at each other, locking eyes. Harry lowered himself and I was frozen, unable to move or do anything. My breath caught in my throat. At the last second, Liam coughed loudly and Harry fell on top of Kylie.

"Shit." Harry coughed, as he rolled off of her. He saw me standing in the doorway and his eyes widened. I walked across the hall before I did anything embarrassing, slamming my door as hard as I could behind me.

*Kylie's POV*

"HAAARRYYY!" I shrieked, out of breath from laughing. "Get the hell off of me!"

"Say, Harry is the sexiest, most amazing person in the whole world."

"No! I'm not supposed to lie!" I gasped, and he ran his fingers over my stomach, making me laugh even more.

"Say it!" Harry said.

"Never, bitch!" I managed to choke out between giggles. I was writhing on the floor, trying to escape the curly haired torturer above me.

"You asked for it." He said huskily, removing his hands from my stomach and putting them on the ground, holding himself up above me. My breath stuck in my throat. I wanted to pull away from his intense gaze but I couldn't. He bit his lip and his blue green eyes stared into mine. He started lowering himself on his hands.

Was he going to kiss me?

He sure looked like he was going to kiss me.

He's getting closer.

Finally, he's going to kiss me! I closed my eyes, waiting, and heard a cough. Harry fell down on top of me, knocking my breath out.

"Shit", Harry said. "Did I hurt you?" he whispered to me, rolling over. I shook my head and blushed furiously. Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall were at the door, watching with huge eyes. Zayn looked pissed. His fists were clenched. Harry noticed this and cursed under his breath. Suddenly, Zayn whipped around and a second later, a loud slam vibrated the house. Harry cringed at the sound.

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