*Kylie's POV*

Zayn woke me up, and I jumped out of his abnormally comfortable arms to go get ready. I only had an hour!

"Danielle! Eleanor!" I screamed, and they came back from wherever they were (probably making out with their boyfriends). 15 minutes later, we had picked out the perfect outfit. A short black dress, silver heels, and a small sparkly black clutch. I wiggled on the dress and Dani started on my hair. Eleanor started on my makeup. They were both already dressed and ready to go. A half hour later, I was ready too. My hair was in loose curls and my makeup was smoky and sexy.

El whistled. "Harry won't be able to resist."

"Like Louis will be able to resist you." I smirked. Her hair was straightened to perfection, and she had a light blue sparkly dress on that hugged her curves perfectly without being too slutty.

"Time to go!" The boys called, and I slipped on my heels and tottered down the stairs. Their mouths dropped open at us. Liam couldn't take his eyes off of Danielle's short red frock, and Louis was looking at nothing but Eleanor. Niall, Harry, and Zayn were all staring at me. I blushed and cleared my throat. Their eyes snapped back up to mine. Zayn wrapped his arm around my waist, shot Harry a look, and led me to the car. He was wearing a letterman jacket and jeans, like usual. His dark hair was styled up, and if I wasn't his best friend I would have said he looked hot.

When we got to the club, paparazzi were snapping pictures of all of us. The boys were let into the club immediately, not bothering with the long line. Zayn immediately went to the bar, along with Louis and Niall.

"Want anything Kylie?" he shouted over the loud music. I shook my head, pointing at the dance floor.

"Find me later!" I yelled, disappearing into the crowd. After a while of dancing with the girls alone, the boys were buzzed enough to come dance. Other than Liam, who hadn't had any drinks. I was on my 4th Cosmo, laughing and having fun. I was moderately tipsy, but not smashed. I don't like getting really drunk, but I admit I do get thoroughly wasted on occasion. I do stupid things and then can't remember them. Dancing alone, I was still having fun. The song Scream by Usher came on, and I felt arms on my waist from behind. I turned, expecting to see Zayn, but he was talking to a redhead by the bar. Harry was behind me; I smiled at him and turned back around.

I see you over there, so hypnotic. Thinking 'bout what I do to that body. I get you like ooh baby baby, ooh baby baby.

Harry's hands were on my hips as I danced.

"Got no drink in my hand, but I'm wasted. Getting drunk of the thought of you naked." Harry whispered in my ear along with the song, sending shivers down my spine. He pulled me closer so my back was pressed against his body, and I started moving along to the song.

And I try, to fight it, to fight it. But you're so, magnetic, magnetic. He was singing in my ear now as I grinded against him. My hand was behind me, tangled in his hair.

"If you wanna scream yeaah. Let me know and I'll take you there. Get you going like ooh baby baby ooh baby baby." He said in my ear, singing better than Usher did.

I grinded against him, trying desperately to not show how desperate I was for him to like me. After that song, I turned around as the song 'On the floor' by J. Lo. came on. I wrapped my hands around his neck and his hand was on the small of my back, pushing me against him. His usually light green-blue eyes had turned dark as we danced underneath the very dim lights. I glanced at Eleanor and she winked at me, dancing with Louis. Niall was dancing with some blonde girl and Zayn was dancing with the redhead but kept looking at Harry and me.

We danced together for a while, face to face. The song 'Tonight I'm Lovin' you' came on and Harry started lowly singing.

"I know you want me. I've made it obvious that I want you too. So put it on me. Let's remove the space between me and you." He pulled me even closer, so that every inch of me was pressed against him. I swung my hips around and he growled sexily. I smirked, knowing exactly what effect I was having on him.

He looked into my eyes and leaned in slightly. There was about a quarter of an inch between our lips and I closed it. His lips moved against mine. His tongue ran over my bottom lip and I opened my mouth, granting entrance. I knotted my hands in his hair and he ran his hands up and down my sides. He started to kiss my neck and I moaned. I remembered where we were and pushed him away.

"We're in public." I smirked when he frowned at me.

"God, I've been waiting a long time for that." He said, putting his forehead against mine.

"Why did you wait so long?" I asked, toying with the buttons on his shirt.

"I was scared you wouldn't kiss me back." He said, looking down.

"Harry Styles was SCARED?" I asked, gasping playfully. He wrapped his arm around me and kissed my nose. I scrunched it up and smiled at him. Finally.

*Zayn's POV*

I looked over at Harry and Kylie again, even though all it was doing was getting me pissed off. She was grinding up against him and you could tell from the smile on his face how much he was enjoying it. I slammed my drink on the bar and grabbed the red haired girl that kept talking to me. She danced against me, and any other time I would love this, but I couldn't take my eyes off Kylie. Her and Harry had their bodies very close together, dancing. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them they were kissing passionately.

"Shit!" I yelled, but nobody heard me over the pounding music. They had stopped, but Harry was grinning and had his arm around her. He kissed her nose and she walked off to the bathroom. I ripped myself away from the girl and grabbed Harry by the collar.


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