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*Kylie's POV*

When Niall suggested truth or dare, everyone agreed. Including me. "Rules?" I asked, flipping my hair.

"None!" Louis said, laughing. "But if you refuse a question or a dare, you have to take an article of clothing off." All the boys looked at me and smirked. I was only wearing a tank top, a bra, shorts, and underwear. Shit!

Everyone agreed to the rules, and we started. "Truth or dare, Li?" I asked Liam.


"If you had to date one of the guys, who would it be?"

"Definitely leprechaun over here." Liam said, rubbing Niall's blonde, Irish head.

"Truth or dare, Swagmasta from Doncaster?" Liam asked Louis.

"Dare, bitch!" he yelled, making us all laugh.

"I dare you to...kiss Haz!" He chuckled.

"C'mere boo bear!" Harry said seductively, playfully winking at Louis. He pressed his lips against Louis' for 5 seconds, then came back up and coughed. "You taste like... I don't know, weirdness!" Harry tried to kiss me to get the "Louis juice" off but I pushed him away, laughing. I grabbed Harry's drink off the table and took a swig, coughing at how it was almost pure vodka.

15 minutes later, I was sitting in my lacy pink push-up bra and matching cotton granny panties (I didn't know that we would be playing strip truth or dare). All the boys seemed to target me, asking me to do stupid things they know I wouldn't do. And that wasn't a lot. My arms were crossed over my chest. Harry and Niall didn't have shirts on and Louis and Zayn were wearing boxers only. Liam was the only one fully dressed.

"Kylieeee." Niall sung, and I looked over. Oh crap, what now?

*Zayn's POV*

The way Niall looked at me right before he asked Kylie truth or dare, I knew something was up. Of course, fearless Kylie who would do almost anything except lick Louis' disgusting foot or eat a bottle of mustard washed down with pickle juice, picked dare.

"I dare you to...give Zayn a lap dance! A real one! For a whole song." The Irish boy laughed, and my eyes widened. I shot daggers at him. Harry, opposite me, was tensing up. Kylie looked down at herself and sighed. I knew she would do it just because she didn't want to take her underwear off. It was bad enough already, but she didn't want anyone seeing what a bikini hadn't already shown them. She was whispering something to Harry, who looked kind of pissed off. I grinned at him, knowing Kylie couldn't see me. Maybe this will be fun. I'm getting a lap dance from the girl I love, and pissing off her boyfriend at the same time.

"Niall!" She sighed, coming to sit by me. He just cackled, and motioned for her to continue.

"You could always take off your pretty bra instead!" He laughed, and she shook her head.

"Sorry, Zaynie. It doesn't mean anything." She whispered to me. I felt a slight pang in my heart for a second but that was soon not the most important thing on my mind.

*Kylie's POV*

I can't believe Niall would do that! Actually, yes I can. He would do anything to embarrass me. Harry is mad now and things between me and Zayn...hopefully, it wouldn't get awkward. We all knew what the result of this had to be, what effect I had to have on him for me to be allowed to stop.

"I need different music or something. This is so awkward." I said, and Louis got up and turned the song Belly Dancer by Akon on. Instead of the song 'Can you Feel the Love Tonight', which was not a very sexy song. (A/N I strongly recommend listening to Belly Dancer as you're reading right now. Seriously, don't disregard what I said. Do it.)

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