*Kylie’s POV*

“We’re over.” Zayn stated, his eyes watery. My breath escaped, and I actually couldn’t get any air. I was left gaping like a fish.

Even though I was about to tell him the same thing, I felt my heart shatter. My face crumbled but I managed to shout out a ‘Good!’ before running into the bunks. When I opened my door, there were four boys who nearly fell into the room. I shoved past them, running into the bathroom and locking the door.

I let out a loud sob; one that felt like it broke my chest in two pieces. Let’s just add broken pieces of me to the million my heart is piled in. I’ve never, ever wanted to die more. I needed to get off this bus, I needed to go home. But I couldn’t, at least not for another six hours, considering the bus was rushing down the road right now. I formed a plan in my mind, I wouldn’t tell anyone. That’s what stopped me from leaving last time.

I would be ‘asleep’ when they left for the concert, and as soon as they left I would pack everything I really needed into a carry-on, book a plane on my phone, and get there. I would be back in Bradford before they even had an idea I was gone.

I don’t know how long I sat there, sobbing into my hand on the cold bathroom tile. Long enough to feel like my chest was breaking and my throat was sore. This was the hardest thing I ever had to go through. Even if Zayn and I had only dated about seven months, we had been friends for my whole life and losing that was terrible.

I took a deep breath, one that burned my lungs even more then they were already burning. I let out another broken noise, a sob without the tears that had completely emptied my body. I I was positive I was dehydrated, but I couldn’t bring myself to care or get up and get water.

“Kylie, come out.” A soft knock on the door, and Liam’s voice.

“No.” I whimpered.

“Not to rush you, But Niall’s about to pee himself.”

“He can pee on the floor.” I said back. “I’m not coming out.”

“Then let him in.” Liam poked.


The door handle jiggled, and then it was open, Liam looing surprised as he saw me curled in the corner with a red face. I’m sure I looked 20 times worse than he thought I would.

“I can’t look at Za…” I trailed off brokenly, as Liam slid down next to me and Niall ran in and pulled down his pants. I came thisclose to seeing a part of Niall I didn’t want to experience before Liam flung his hand over my eyes.

After the peeing noises stopped and the door was shut, Liam removed his hand from my eyes.

“Ky, what he did was wrong. He should have never kissed Bridget, let alone hook up with that girl.”

“What I did was wrong too. It’s just as my fault.” I whimpered, my eyes welling up with water that my dehydrated body couldn’t afford.

“What the hell did you do?” he asked. “Zayn wouldn’t say anything other then whimpering in his bed.” The same bed that I had slept in so many times, the same bed that we had slept together in so many times before, being deathly quiet late at night.

“Oh, um, I, uhh…”

“Unless you had sex with Harry, it could never be as bad.”

“Close enough.” I mumbled under my breath, continuing to talk even though my lungs were burning.

“What?” Liam’s eyes burned into my brown ones.

“I kind of may have sucked him off in the bathroom, y’know?” I stuttered.

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