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*Zayn’s POV*

After Kylie left, I lazed in my bed, grinning. Last night was easily the best night of my life. But I really, REALLY needed to pee. I got up, walking to the bathroom. My dark hair was a mess. Can you say sex hair? Even if we didn’t have sex. I jumped in the shower, putting on khaki shorts and a white shirt. I walked downstairs, hearing Kylie’s tinkling laugh.

“Thanks for last night, Harry.” What the hell? She DOES know it was me, right?

“You're welcome. People on Twitter are really mean sometimes. You didn’t deserve any of that.” Harry rang out, and my heartbeat slowed to normal. Okay. Twitter. So she did know it was me that she- I banished thoughts from my head before an awkward situation rose up.

“Why are you just standing on the stairs like a freak, Zaynie?” Kylie asked, her head slung upside down off the couch.

“Uh, I don’t know.” I said, smiling and walking down.

“Probably thinking about how you blew his mind last night.” Harry said suggestively. I’m sure my eyes almost bugged out of my head and Kylie choked on air.


“I walked by your room to get water and Zayn, you need to practice keeping it down.” Harry smirked.

“We didn’t…” Kylie coughed, still choking on that stupid air. “Wait, why are you okay with this?”

“Well, I kind of met a girl yesterday after the interview.” Harry said. “We all knew you guys were going to end up together at some point. Just… I would wait a while before public, seeing how everyone already hates you for ‘breaking me’. Which is bull. You didn’t break me. It hurt, but I knew something was off a week before you told me so I was preparing.”

“The great Harry Styles is smarter than he seems.” Louis said, walking into the living room and sitting on me.

“Get off, fat arse.” I said, pushing him. He stood up slightly, and started jokingly giving me a lap dance.

“Hey ladies, drop it down, just want to see you touch the ground.” Lou sung loudly. “Seem familiar?”

“Growl!” Kylie said lowly when Louis stood up, and I flushed.

“Shut up, Ky.” I muttered.

“I think it’s cute that you growled at me.” She pinched my cheek, and I pushed her hand way, embarrassed.

“It’s not my fault you're good at that!” I protested.

“I was drunk. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t know what I would have done. Probably froze up.” She laughed.

“Hi I’m DJ Malik and I growl at girls who are dared to give me lap dances.” Niall said, walking downstairs too.

Everyone laughed- except for me. “Where’s Li?” Kylie asked, propping herself up on her elbows.

“Trying to wash an image out of my brain!” He shouted from the kitchen. I followed his voice and stood next to him. He looked at me, flinching.

“Get over it, dude. It wasn’t a big deal. You didn’t even see anything.”

“Even worse. I have to imagine.” He shuddered. I pulled the mirror out of my pocket, fixing my hair.

“Harry heard last night.” I put in casually.

“What?! Is he okay?”

“Yeah, semi-scarred but apparently he met this chick and is over Kylie. I don’t totally believe it.”

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