*Kylie POV*

We were at the bowling alley, undercover. The boys all had sweatshirts and glasses on, and I had baggy sweats and a loose t-shirt on, my hair in a bun and lots of makeup on.

"SHOOOOOEESSS." Niall screamed, running toward the counter.

 The redhead looked scared for a second, before stuttering, "What size?"

"Size 10 please" Niall said politely, in a normal voice, smiling at her.

We all got our shoes and balls, and went over to the lanes.

"Kylie, Liam and I in one lane and you guys in the other!" Zayn said, hopping up and down.

"Woohoo!!" Liam whooped, jumping around too. Before we left, the boys all drank Red bulls and they had obviously kicked in.

20 minutes later, Zayn was trying to accuse Liam of cheating because he was kicking our asses. "How the hell do you cheat at bowling?" Liam retorted, narrowing his eyes.

I laughed, nodding my head at Liam's comment. The other boys were yelling and arguing too, jumping around their lane.

 Louis turned his head in my direction. "Kylie, will you tell them..." his eyes got large and focused on something behind me. He sucked a breath in and his mouth set. I turned around and the breath whooshed out of my lungs.





"What the fuck?" Harry spat angrily, turning around too. He started over but I pushed him back, shaking my head.

"Lou?" I said quietly, and he looked up from Harry's shirt, tears in his eyes. "Do you want me to go over there and see what the hell is going on?"

He nodded sadly, putting his head back on Haz’s shoulder. Eleanor and the guy had broken apart, and she was smiling at him. It was definitely her.

"Eleanor." I snarled, looking from her to the dark haired guy. He had short, almost black hair and blue eyes.

"Shit. Kylie." she stuttered, ducking from underneath the guy's arm and out in the open. Her brown eyes were wide.

 "What are you doing?" I asked slowly. Eleanor was one of my best friends, and I wanted to believe she wouldn't do that to Louis, but we all saw it.


"El, please."

"Don't tell Louis, please. You guys aren't supposed to be here for 2 days." She stuttered.

"He’s right over there. We all saw you. And yeah, we're early." I said, glaring at her.


"Why would you do this to him? Do you have any clue how much he loved you?"

 "I loved him too, I swear. It's just....I haven't for a month or so. Since I met Austin." She cried.

"You’ve been cheating on him for a MONTH?!" I couldn't help it, my voice rose. I heard Louis let out a loud sob from the table and I turned around to see his face buried in Harry’s shirt.

"I..." she started

"Eleanor! I can't believe you! Instead of breaking up with him like a decent person, you fucking cheat on him." I whispered harshly, not caring about the tears running down her face.

"Leave her the hell alone, bitch." the dark haired guy said, 'Austin'. He grabbed my arm, roughly pushing me away.

 "Get off of her." a voice growled, and Austin let go of my arm. Zayn’s warm arm wrapped around me. How the hell did he get here? He was like a ninja! Just a second ago, he was all the way over there. A lyric popped into my head- I can’t be no superman, but for you I’ll be superhuman. It was superhuman- he was over here the second I was in any sort of danger.

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