*Zayn's POV*

"What the hell?" Harry's angry voice said from above. I woke up from my deep sleep.

"What?" I muttered, rubbing my eyes. I looked over. Kylie's arms were still around my neck, and our legs were tangled together. "Oh."

"Zayn. She's mine, so move the hell on." Harry spat.

"I carried her up here and she wouldn't let go of my neck. So I crashed here. Kylie would never do that to you. If you haven't noticed, she's a decent person. Just like I'm a decent guy, who would never take a friend's girl when he knew he wanted her. Unlike you." I said, sitting up and untangling her from me. She whimpered in her sleep, and I chuckled.

He sighed. "Get over her."

"We sleep together all the time, we're best friends!" I said, my voice raising.

"She's my fucking girlfriend now!" He whisper-yelled.

"Not for long." I snapped.

"Zaynie, Harry, stop arguing. I'm sleeping." Kylie murmured, her fist hitting me in the chest. She rolled over and curled in a ball. I got up and stretched, ignoring Harry. I went downstairs.

*Kylie's POV*

After I heard Zayn and Harry arguing, I rolled over and went back to sleep. They seriously needed to shut up and stop arguing all the damn time. Seriously, I have time for my best friend AND my boyfriend.

Later, I woke up and went downstairs, rubbing my eyes. "Why is everyone dressed?" I asked groggily.

"Um, it's 4:30pm." Liam said, focusing on the football game on the TV screen. I slept for 14 hours?!

"Babe, we're leaving in an hour." Harry called from the kitchen. We had our first actual date tonight. I squeaked, and rushed back upstairs. I didn't know what to wear, and after 20 minutes of guessing, I just thundered back down.

"Harry! What do I wear!?" I yelled over the boys' shouting.

"Casual!" He bellowed back. The date was a surprise; I had no idea where we were going. Forty-five minutes later, I was dressed in light jean shorts and an off the shoulder dark green shirt. My hair was straightened and I had light makeup on. I sprayed my vanilla scented perfume on and went downstairs. Harry was wearing dark jeans and a light blue polo shirt. He had a single rose in his hand. He gave me a cheeky grin, and I gave him a hug and kissed his cheek.

"Think of all the pussy you're going to get!" Louis called after us as we walked to the car, mimicking what Harry said To Matt Cardle after the X factor. "Ow, Zayn!!" Louis screamed. I guess Zayn hit him, whatever. He deserved it.

"Kylie, you're going to buy me a cat?!" Harry said, excited.

"No." I said in a monotone, knowing he would pout. There was also a double meaning, and I refused to take part in it. He sat in the driver's seat and frowned. Suddenly, he brightened. He pulled out a purple blindfold from on the dashboard and reached toward me.

"C'mere!" He said, as I pulled away from him.

"No!" I squealed, swatting his hand.

"We're not leaving 'till you put it on!" He threatened, and I sighed. I grabbed it from him and tied it around my eyes.

He started laughing, and I imagine he was making faces at me. "Can you see that?"

"I can't see ANYTHING." I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Yay!" Harry said like a child, and I felt the car start to move.

"You're so amazing remember the time, just thinking about ya gives me butterflies!" Harry sung along to Encore by Jason Derulo, and I laughed. The whole ride there, Harry sung along to the radio, and after a while, I did too.

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